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Placement of European & Local Election Posters in Galway City

Apr 25, 2014

As of 23rd April, posters are permitted for display in the city in relation to the forthcoming Local and European Elections to be held on 23 rd May, 2014.

Candidates and their representatives are reminded that the placing and removal of Election posters is regulated under various Acts and regulations including the Electoral Act, the Litter Act and the Planning and Development Act and the Road Traffic Act.

The National Roads Authority has requested that candidates and their representatives refrain from erecting election posters on the Motorway and the High Speed Dual Carraigway network, within the city boundary this refers to the M6/N6 to Coolagh Roundabout, the roundabout itself and its slip roads.

Further points to note are:

  • The fixing arrangement for posters particularly plastic ties must be removed at the same time the poster is being removed.
  • No adhesive or metal fixings are permitted.
  • All posters should be manufactured from cardboard composites or other recyclable material.
  • The Party or individual responsible for the poster must be clearly printed on the poster.
  • Posters must not be erected as follows:
    • (a) On lamp standards with overhead line electricity feeds
    • (b) On traffic signal poles
    • (c) On bridge parapets, overpasses and on pedestrian bridges
    • (d) On roadside traffic barriers
  • Where posters are erected on lamp standards or traffic poles carrying road signage (eg stop, yield, parking control, clearway, bus lanes, cycle tracks, pedestrian and or/directional signage) the signage must not be obscured by the poster in any way. Posters that obscure statutory signs will be removed.
  • There should be a minimum clearance of 2.5 metres (8 feet) from the lower edge of any poster to ground level and no posters should be placed higher that 6.5 metres (20 feet) from the ground.
  • Political parties/Independent Candidates are reminded that no claim for damages arising from the placing, displaying or removal of their posters will lie with the Council and they may consider it appropriate to take out Public Liability Insurance in this regard.
  • All election posters must be removed within 7 days of the election, i.e. on or before Friday 30th May, 2014.