Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund

  • What is the Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund?

    Every year, funding is made available to groups and individuals to carry out environmental projects in their local area.

    The scheme is run by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, in conjunction with the local authorities, and aims to promote sustainable development by assisting small-scale, non-profit environmental projects at local level.

    Local Agenda 21 is a process which facilitates sustainable development at community level. It is an approach, based on participation which respects the social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of the present and future citizens of a community in all its diversity and which relates that community and its future to the regional, national and international community of which it is a part.


  • What projects are eligible?

    The scheme covers a wide variety of environmental projects on topics such as waste, water quality, air quality, biodiversity, sustainability and climate change. The main focus of the project should be environmental awareness and education, in keeping with Local Agenda 21. Projects that have recieved funding in the past include community gardens, allotments, rainwater harvesting systems, educational initiatives and environmental exhibitions. The list of projects funded nationally in 2016 can be viewed here.


  • How much funding is available though Local Agenda 21?

    For 2016, Galway City Council received €9500 towards the scheme.

    This funding was also matched by Galway City Council so that €19000 was made available for projects in 2016.


  • How much funding can I apply for?

    You can apply for as much funding as you wish but the grants awarded are generally less than €3000. Following assessment of your application, Galway City Council may contact you to discuss offering you a smaller grant than requested or part-funding your project.


  • How can I apply for Local Agenda 21 funding?

    Application forms are available in both Irish and English as follows:


  • What is the closing date for Local Agenda 21 Funding?

    The closing date for receipt of application forms is 5pm, 23rd June 2017..

    (Please note that the offices of Galway City Council close daily at 4:00pm)


  • How are the Local Agenda 21 applications assessed?

    Galway City Council initially assess all applications using criteria determined by the Department. The criteria are: partnership arrangements, awareness raising potential, practical promotion of local agenda 21, value for money, widely replicable, feasibility of project targets and structure and layout of proposal.


  • Can I apply for more than one project?

    Yes. You can apply for more than one project. Please use separate forms for each application. Each application will be assessed individually.


  • Can I apply to more than one local authority?

    Yes. However, in order to ensure that the fund priorities locally identified environmental needs, it should be noted that no single project may apply to more than 8 local authorities.


  • I have environmental business idea? Can I apply for Local Agenda 21 funding?

    No, commercial/business projects are not eligible for the scheme.


  • Do I need a tax clearance certificate for Local Agenda 21 funding?

    Where the combined total value of all your applications exceeds €10,000 nationwide, you are required to submit a copy of your current Tax Clearance Certificate.


  • I want to organise a litter clean-up of my area. Can I apply?

    No. Projects eligible for funding under the Anti-Litter Awareness Grants Scheme will not be considered for funding.


  • Will Galway City Council be involved in the project?

    Yes. Successful projects must be carried out in partnership with Galway City Council. For some projects, this will merely involve monitoring of the project. For others, Galway City Council will be involved on a more practical level, such as the organisation of venues or delivery of workshops.


  • Do I have to report to Galway City Council?

    Yes. If Galway City Council is not directly involved in the project, it must be fully satisfied that the project will be satisfactorily implemented. A reporting process will be discussed with you if your application for grant funding is successful.


  • When must I complete the project?

    The project must be commenced as soon as practicable and completed in full by the 30th April 2018.


  • What is a completion report?

    A completion report is a document which you must fill out and submit to Galway City Council on completion of your project. A copy of the completion report form can be downloaded here.


  • Where can I get more information on Local Agenda 21 Funding?

    Further information on the Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund in Galway City can be obtained from Fiona Coen, Environment Education Officer, Galway City Council at environment@galwaycity.ie.

    General information on the scheme nationally is available from Donal Hourigan, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government at awareness@environ.ie.