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Local Area Plans

  • What is a Local Area Plan?

    A Local Area Plan is a legal document and is a public statement that provides more detailed planning policies, than the City Development Plan, for areas in the city that are expected to experience significant development and change. It is prepared in consultation with local communities, members of the public, service providers, statutory bodies and landowners. It sets out a strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of an area.

    A Local Area Plan consists of a written statement and maps(s), which set out the local authorities' objectives for the plan area. The plan provides the standards that will guide development in the area. It is valid for six years from the date of adoption by the Council, this period can be extended by a further 5 years by resolution passed by Council members. Local Area Plans should be compatible with national and regional guidance documents and the core strategy and policies of the City Development Plan. It must respond to opportunities and challenges presented by the current economic climate and promote continued economic and social development.

    The Development Plan and Policy Section will carry out public consultation during the preparation of the Local Area Plan. Local Area Plans are adopted by the Members of Galway City Council.

    The City Development Plan 2011-2017 includes for the preparation of Local Area Plans for lands at Ardaun, Murroogh and the Headford Road area (south of the Bodkin Junction).


  • Ardaun Local Area Plan

    The proposed Ardaun Local Area Plan is at pre-draft stage. Consultation is on-going and a variety of methods are being used in order to engage directly with the public, stakeholder bodies and landowners. This includes workshops, meetings/presentations, street conversations, and individual consultations.

    Stage 1 Pre-draft Ardaun Local Area Plan Public Consultation commences on Thursday 10th July 2014 and continues to Friday 15th August 2014 and submissions can be made during this period.

    Location of Ardaun LAP lands

    Ardaun LAP Lands shaded grey

    To obtain further information from the City Council on this project you should contact:

    Helen Coleman

    Senior Executive Planner
    Planning Section
    City Hall
    College Road


    Diane Egan

    Executive Planner
    Planning Section
    City Hall
    College Road


    Public Notice of Ardaun Local Area Plan Stage 1 - Pre-draft Consultation

    Ardaun Local Area Plan Stage 1 - Pre-draft Consultation Issues Paper

    Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report



  • Summary of the Process for Preparing a Local Area Plan

    The following is a summary of the time scale and processes involved in the preparation and adoption of a Local Area Plan (LAP).

    1. Pre-Draft Public Consultation Phase

    Prior to preparing a draft Plan, the local authority takes whatever steps it considers necessary to consult the public including public bodies, non-governmental agencies, resident associations, community groups, and business interests in the area.

    2. Draft Plan Preparation

    The draft plan is prepared by the City Council for display taking into account issues raised during the pre-draft consultation phase.

    3. Public Notice & Plan Display

    An advertisement is placed in national newspapers announcing the preparation of a LAP. Notice and a copy of the Draft LAP is also sent to prescribed bodies such as the Department of Education and Science, NRA, ESB. The Draft Plan goes on display for a minimum period of 6 weeks during which submissions / observations are invited from the public and all interested parties.

    4. Preparation of Manager's Report on Submissions / Observations

    This report must be submitted to the Elected Members of the City Council for their consideration not later than 12 weeks after notice is published in the national newspapers.

    5.Manager's Report Submitted to Elected Members for Consideration

    Elected Members have 6 weeks to consider the report and adopt / amend the plan.

    6.Amendment of Local Area Plan

    If the Elected Members decide to amend the LAP other than what is recommended in the Manager's Report, the Planning Authority must publish notice of the proposed amendment or modification not later than 3 weeks after the passing of a resolution to materially alter the plan.

    7. Display of Proposed Amendment

    The proposed amendment(s) of a LAP must go on public display for not less than 4 weeks. Written submissions/observations received in respect of material alterations to the LAP are put on public display.

    8. Preparation of Manager's Report on Submissions on Proposed Amendment

    Manager's report to be prepared on submissions/observations received in respect of material alterations to the LAP not later than 8 weeks after notice is published.

    9. Elected Members Consider Proposed Amendment / Modification & Manager's Report.

    Elected Members to make or amend the LAP with amendment(s) proposed by the Planning Authority or, if different as recommended in the Manager's report not later than 6 weeks after receiving the report.

    A LAP is prepared with input from many people and organisations including the following:

    • Elected Members of the City Council;
    • Planning SPC Committee;
    • Members of the Public;
    • Departments within the City Council;
    • Landholders;
    • Service providers;
    • Residents' associations, community groups, non-governmental agencies, etc.;
    • An Bord Pleanála, Prescribed Bodies and Authorities;
    • Galway County Council.