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Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Programme

Oct 7, 2014

Public Consultation on Draft Flood Maps

National CFRAM Programme

The National CFRAM Programme is being undertaken by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to meet national flood policy needs and the requirements of the EU Floods Directive. It involves a comprehensive flood risk assessment focused on 300 areas of potentially significant flood risk and the development of long-term, sustainable flood risk management plans. The purpose of the CFRAM Programme is to:

  • assess and map the existing and potential significant flood hazard and risk within the study areas,
  • build the strategic information base necessary for making informed decisions in relation to managing flood risk, and
  • identify viable structural and non-structural measures and options for managing the flood risks for localised high-risk areas and within each river catchment as a whole.

There are three main stages in the Programme, each involving public consultation:

  • Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (2011 - 2012) complete
  • Flood Hazard Mapping (2013 - 2014)
  • Catchment Flood Risk Management Plans (2015)

The CFRAM Programme will be used to determine national priorities for State investment in flood defences, on a systematic and objective basis. More information on the Programme is available on

Regional CFRAM Studies

JBA Consulting are conducting the Western CFRAM Study, on behalf of the OPW and with the support of the local authorities in the Western River Basin District (RBD) including Galway City Council. The Western RBD includes most of Counties Galway, Mayo and Sligo and parts of Counties Leitrim, Clare and Roscommon.

Galway City - Areas for Flood Risk Assessment

Galway City has been selected as Areas for Further Assessment, or AFAs, (i.e. detailed assessment of flood risk) under the CFRAM Programme. More information on this Study is available on .

Draft Flood Maps

Draft Flood Maps, which show the extent of flood risk in Galway City, are being produced by the CFRAM Study engineering consultants with the support of the OPW and Galway City Council. The Flood Maps, when finalised following public consultation, are a vital step towards identifying potential measures for managing flood risks. They will also inform sustainable planning and assist the emergency response authorities with regard to responding effectively to flood events.

Public Consultation

To provide an opportunity for all interested persons to view and comment on the Draft Flood Maps, a Public Consultation Day will be held in each AFA. Members of the CFRAM Study project team will be available to discuss and explain the maps to all attending on the day and to collate any local flooding information. The Draft Flood Maps will be on display on the Public Consultation Day and will also be accessible on the Study websites ( Members of the public may provide observations on the Draft Flood Maps in person at the public consultation event and/or through the Study website.

Details of Public Consultation Days for Draft Flood Maps that have been produced are set out below. This list will be updated when details of further Public Consultation Days become available. Details of Public Consultation Days will also be advertised in the local press and on the Study websites.

Town Date Time Location
Galway City 5th - Nov 3-8pm Radisson Blu Hotel,
Lough Atalia Road,