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OPW is holding a Public Consultation Day on Draft Flood Maps for Galway City

Oct 31, 2014

Public Consultation Day Notice


Draft Flood Maps are currently being produced by six national-level Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Studies under the National CFRAM Programme. The Programme is being undertaken by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to meet national policy needs and the requirements of the EU 'Floods' Directive. It involves a comprehensive flood risk assessment focused on 300 areas of potentially significant flood risk and the development of long-term, sustainable flood risk management plans. Work on the Draft Flood Maps has involved extensive surveying and analysis of river flows and the development of computer models to determine how flooding occurs.

Areas for Further Assessment

Under the ongoing Western CFRAM Study, which is being conducted by JBA Consulting for the OPW, Galway City has been selected as an Area for Further Assessment, or AFA, (i.e. detailed assessment of flood risk) under the CFRAM Programme.

Forthcoming Public Consultation - Draft Flood Maps

Draft Flood Maps have been produced for Galway City, and the rivers that flow towards the coast. To provide an opportunity for all interested persons to view and comment on these maps, a Public Consultation Day will be held in the Radisson Blu Hotel on 05 November 2014 from 3-8pm.

Members of the Western CFRAM Study project team will be available to discuss and explain the maps to all attending on the day and to collate any local flooding information. The Draft Flood Maps will be on display on the dates stated and will also be available by download from the Study website Full information and updates on the Western CFRAM Study are also available on the Study website.

Members of the public may provide observations on the Draft Flood Maps in person at the above public consultation events and/or through the Study website.

Why are the Flood Maps Important?

The Flood Maps, when finalised, are a vital step towards identifying potential measures for managing flood risks. They will also inform sustainable planning and assist the emergency response authorities with regard to responding effectively to flood events.

The maps we have produced are based on best available survey and hydrological information and have been reviewed through site visits and discussion with Local Authority Area Engineers and OPW Regional staff. However, we are well aware that the best people to give feedback on the maps are those who live and work near the rivers and it is for this reason that we invite you to attend a Public Consultation Day in the Areas for Further Assessment (study areas). Not only will it provide an opportunity for us to hear the views of the local people, but it will allow us to explain the background to the maps and the implications that they may have on lands shown to be within the flood extents.