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Lough Atalia Bridge Road Lowering - Public Information Update

Mar 10, 2015

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On Monday 2nd March, Galway City Council appointed L&M Keating Ltd., Building and Civil Engineering Contractors to the Lough Atalia Bridge Road Lowering Project.

The Lough Atalia Railway Bridge is a low 19th Century bridge structure which comprises Cast Iron Arches and is a protected structure. This has been subject to considerable and repeated damage by high vehicles. Significant damage to the bridge would leave the city centre without one of the 4 road routes pending repair and without its only railway station / terminal, if damage was of such consequence.

Due to height restrictions under Lough Atalia Bridge, vehicles over 3.68m high must move towards the centre of the road in order to pass under the bridge. Such tall or taller vehicles can only pass under it by lining up to pass directly under the highest point by using the centre of the road. It is not an infrequent occurrence for vehicles to strike or get stuck under the bridge. In order for this not to happen it is necessary to lower the road under the bridge by 1.3m.

It is envisaged that the works will have the following benefits

  • The proposed works consists of lowering the road and footways running under the railway under-bridge to cater for the safer movement of large vehicles under the bridge.
  • The lowering of the road will eliminate the re-occurrence of the various incidents and safety issues of high sided vehicles striking the arch rib construction of the under-bridge over the years, including a relatively recent incident which resulted in the road being closed for four days.
  • It will also rectify the issue of the existing bridge height not being of suitable height for modern articulated lorries and other large vehicles using Lough Atalia Road.
  • It will also address the road safety issue of high sided vehicles having to cross the white centre line marking of the road, to occupy the centre portion of carriageway in order to travel under the bridge and avoid the lower arched section of the bridge to either side
  • It will resolve the present road / rail constraint.
  • It will preserve the protected structure.
  • It will also provide dedicated pedestrian and cycle facilities.

In order to facilitate the works, the road underneath the Lough Atalia Railway Bridge will be closed to all traffic for an 8 week period and a traffic management plan will be implemented. Galway City Council have made an order to close the Lough Atalia Road from the Fairgreen Road junction (beside the Radisson Hotel) to the back entrance to Ceannt Station. Galway City Council and L&M Keating are working together to implement a traffic management plan to help reduce delays that can be expected during the road closure period. This traffic management plan includes the introduction of a one-way system on Lough Atalia Road, Fairgreen Road and College Road.

Works are due to begin on site, starting Monday 23rd March 2015. However for the first two weeks of work, no road closures will be introduced. It is not intended to close the Lough Atalia Road, and introduce the one-way system before Tuesday 7th April in order to allow unrestricted access to Galway City during the Easter weekend. Galway City Council and L&M Keating will work towards closing Lough Atalia Road for the minimum length of time possible required to complete the works safely.

Galway City Council have appointed Mr. Tom Cannon of TOBIN Consulting Engineers as Public Liaison Engineer to the project for the duration of the works. Mr. Cannon will be available to answer any queries from Residents, Businesses and the general public from 9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri. Mr. Cannon can be contacted on 086 166 6653.

Updates on traffic management plans and durations will be available on the Galway City Council Website and an email list of stakeholders will be compiled to release all information to the public as it becomes available. Anybody interested in signing up to the mailing list is asked to email: and request to be included.

Galway City Council would like to apologies for any disruption that will be caused by the works and thank the Public for their support and understanding.