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Protests at Galway City Council Water Services Work Sites

Mar 25, 2015

It has come to the attention of Galway City Council that, on a number of occasions, water meter protestors have halted routine operation works to water services in the Galway City area in the mistaken belief that these works were being carried out by Irish Water personnel.

Galway City Council, on behalf of Irish Water, carries out routine operations, essential maintenance, installation of meters adjacent to domestic properties where a leak is suspected on the private side of the public mains and other Water Conservation works which play an essential role in the day to day management of the water network for Galway City. There are safety issues posed to both staff and the general public when the blocking of public areas e.g. roads and footpaths occurs.

Please note that the Irish Water Domestic Metering Programme works are not being carried out by Galway City Council Staff.