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Lough Atalia Bridge Road Lowering - Road Closure Traffic Management Plan

Apr 1, 2015

Galway City Council would like to advise that the road closure on Lough Atalia Road under the railway bridge will begin on Tuesday April 7th 2015, and will remain closed until the end May 2015.

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The road closure is required to facilitate the road works to lower the road level under the railway bridge in order to increase the headroom for high-sided vehicles, and to provide continuous pedestrian and cycle facilities under the bridge.

The extent of the road closure is between the Fairgreen Road / Lough Atalia Road Junction and the back gate to Ceannt Station, approximately 60m south of the railway bridge. There will be no access for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic.

Works are being carried out by L&M Keating Limited on behalf of Galway City Council

A temporary traffic management system will be in place during the road closure to maintain the flow of traffic around the city.

One-way Traffic System

A one-way traffic system will be implemented inbound on Lough Atalia Road, onto Fairgreen Road and outbound along College Road for the duration of the works. This traffic management system will facilitate eastbound and westbound traffic, as well as local access along Lough Atalia Road, Fairgreen Road and College Road.

From Moneenageisha Junction, westbound traffic (for City Centre, Port of Galway, Salthill, etc.) will be required to follow the one-way traffic system along Lough Atalia Road and divert into Fairgreen Road, along Forster Street, Eyre Square, Victoria Place, Queen Street and onto Dock Road, before continuing westbound.

From the Port of Galway / Harbour Hotel, eastbound traffic (for N84, N17 and N6/M6) will be required to follow the signposted diversion routes beginning at Bóthar Na Long, onto Dock Road and divert into New Dock Street and along Merchants Road, Victoria Place, Eyre Square and Prospect Hill. Eastbound traffic can then continue via Prospect Hill and onto Bohermore, whereas local access to College Road, Lough Atalia Road, Fairgreen Road and Ceannt Station will be required to turn into Bóthar Uí Eithir and turn left along the one-way traffic system along College Road before turning right into Lough Atalia Road at the Loyola Park junction.

Lough Atalia Road

All vehicles exiting properties on Lough Atalia Road will be required to TURN RIGHT at all times whilst the one-way traffic system is in place, and follow the diversions into Fairgreen Road.

College Road (between Forster Street and Loyola Park)

All vehicles exiting properties on College Road, will be required to turn towards Moneenageisha Junction at all times whilst the one-way traffic system is in place, and follow the diversions into Lough Atalia Road / Fairgreen Road.

Forster Street

A clearway will be put in place along Forster Street to ensure traffic flow will move without obstruction from parking / loading vehicles. The bus lane will be opened up to all traffic. A loading area will be made available adjacent to the gate to Saint Patrick's Church. Loading will not be permitted in any other area along Forster Street. The City Wardens will be on hand to keep traffic moving along Forster Street.

Moneenageisha Junction

The traffic signals at Moneenageisha Junction will be reconfigured to improve traffic flows during the road works. The right turn movements from Moneenageisha Road into College Road and the right turn from Dublin Road into Wellpark Road will be banned.

View Detailed Drawings of the Temporary Traffic Management Plan


Galway City Council have appointed Tom Cannon of TOBIN Consulting Engineers, as Public Liaison Engineer to the project for the duration of the works. Tom will be available to answer any queries about the roadworks from residents, businesses and the general public from 9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri. and can be contacted on 086 166 6653 or email on

We would like to apologise for any disruption that will be caused by the works and thank the public for their support and understanding.