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Leisureland Officially Re-Opened by Mayor

Jun 12, 2015

Leisureland facilities were officially reopened on Friday 12th June 2015 by His Worship, Mayor of Galway, Cllr Donal Lyons.

The facility was extensively damaged following major flooding in January of 2014 and was closed for eleven months.

The refurbishment works involved an investment of in excess of €4 million with a total renovation of the pool complex.

The Gym has had the latest range of Gym equipment installed. The new equipment is also manufactured to be disabled friendly. It offers disabled people more choice and opportunities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. The swimming pools and changing areas have been retiled and redesigned ,and the Adventure Golf was also reinstated with all areas now open to the public.

In addition, the Board of Leisureland and Galway City Council took the initiative to install major flood defences including a large earth mound, concrete barriers and flood gates. These defences are now in place and should ensure against any such occurrence again in the future.

The Mayor expressed his thanks to the insurers A.I.G. and its loss adjusters, which had worked closely with Leisureland and the City Council, and the various Consultants led by Tom O'Sullivan of TGOS Loss Assessors.

He also thanked Purcell Construction which oversaw the reinstatement along with Taylor Architects, Noel Lawler and O'Connor, Sutton Cronin were the Consulting Engineers.

Speech by His Worship, the Mayor of Galway, Councillor Donal Lyons on the occasion of the re-opening of Leisureland, 12th June 2015

Fellow Board Members of Leisureland, former Members, Councillors, Chief Executive of Galway City Council, General Manager of Leisureland, distinguished guests, I wish to welcome you here to this event on this beautiful summer evening in Salthill.

Leisureland has a long and proud history in the provision of leisure facilities for both the people of the city and visitors to the City. It has built up years of expertise through its trained professional staff and adapted to the changed trends of the market in the competitive environment of the leisure industry.

The events of January 2014 were therefore a severe blow to the viability and future of Leisureland. Unprecedented flooding occurred, as you will recall, and the building was extensively damaged. The patrons were displaced for eleven months with the building closed, and major refurbishment of the facility was carried out.

With the guidance of the Leisureland Board, the General Manager and staff, the refurbishment of Leisureland commenced immediately and was reopened to the public in December last,11 months after the flooding. This was a trying time for all concerned. The facility has been totally refurbished with an investment of in excess of €4m, funded by the Insurance Company, City Council and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and is now a state of the art leisure facility which can deliver excellent services.

There is a number of people I must especially thank at this juncture:-


-AIG Insurance Company. The company has stood by Leisureland through this difficult period and worked hand in hand in processing the insurance claim, covering the majority of the costs involved up to and exceeding 3 million euro. I am most sincerely grateful to them.

-City Council and Department Thank you to the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and my fellow Councillors for allocating funds towards the works

-Consultants I wish to thank in particular Tom O'Sullivan, Loss Assessor of TGOS who co-ordinated and lead out the project, Taylor Architects, Noel Lawler and O'Conor Sutton Cronin for their expertise and guidance

-Contractors Purcell Construction for overseeing the delivery of the works and to them a sincere thank you. This contractor has been involved in several major projects with the City Council and all end products have been to the highest standards.

I wish to finally acknowledge Paddy Martyn and his staff for the Trojan work they have put in to bringing this facility back into use.

I predict a bright future for Leisureland now that all users are lined up to return. I commend everyone associated with the project and I wish to declare the facility officially open.