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Irish Water invest €7.3 million in Galway City Water Conservation Project

Jul 20, 2015

Irish Water, in partnership with Galway City Council, has commenced a project to replace 19.8km of ageing pipeline in Galway City. This project will reduce the amount of water lost through leakage and improve reliability of water supply.

As part of this project it is proposed to carry out backyard water main rehabilitation works which will involve the replacement of water mains and water service connections to properties currently served by water mains located in backyards and private properties. These proposed works will take place in Claddagh, Bohermore and Prospect Hill, Old Mervue, Court Avenue, Raleigh Row and St. Enda's Road.

Figure 1: Proposed Works Areas - Galway City Water Conservation Project

The works to replace the common backyard services will involve laying a new main in the public road, adjacent to the property, and connecting the main to the property with a new service pipe.

The benefits in replacing common backyard services include:

  • 1. Improved Water Pressure - Due to the high leakage on common backyard service connections a number of houses are experiencing low pressures in their water supply or in some cases, a full interruption to supply. The new proposed connection will eliminate this.
  • 2. Reduced Waste - Replacing the existing common backyard services will eliminate existing leaks dramatically reducing waste in the network.
  • 3. Improved Maintenance and Operation - The location of the existing common backyard services means that any required repairs or maintenance can be difficult due to access issues and disruption to property owners. The replacement of these services within public lands will enable access, repair or maintenance works.
  • 4. Connection Ownership - The removal and replacement of the common backyard service connections will allow individual ownership of each house connection to the relevant homeowner rather than shared responsibility for the communal service.

In order to establish the most appropriate service replacement technique, it will be necessary to

carry out an initial survey of each property. The survey will be carried out by RPS Group on behalf of Irish Water. Employees of RPS Group will contact residents in this area in July and August 2015 to arrange and carry out the survey, discuss the proposed service replacement works in detail and address any concerns residents may have regarding the proposed works.

The outline project programme is set out below:

  • Property Surveys will be arranged with individual property owners.
  • November 2016 - Site Investigation Works completed.
  • August 2017 - Main Works Contractor will be appointed.

Irish Water will be writing to residents and businesses in the areas where works will be taking place to provide Project contact details should they have any queries.