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'Galway Cathedral'
Alex Zarodov

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President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins at Special Council Meeting on 7th March 2016

Mar 10, 2016

An tUachtarán, Michael D. Higgins has launched a project in Galway City Council this afternoon which aims to increase bilingualism in Galway City. A motion proposing the initiative was first adopted by Elected Members on 4 September 2015.

Galway City Council Chief Executive, Brendan Mc Grath stated that the attendance of Uachtarán na hÉireann at the launch was significant for the project, saying that “the President has always supported and developed Irish language initiatives and it is fitting that a former Mayor of the City of Galway and a Freeman of the City should launch an exciting project such as this, which aims to engage all the communities of Galway City”.

Launching the Initiative, Uachtarán na hÉireann stated: “Of course, Galway has always been seen as the Capital of Irish in Ireland, and it is worth noting that bilingualism or multilingualism is more popular in the majority of Europe and all over the world. It is a huge advantage to have a second language if you wish to learn a third or a fourth. It is a great source of satisfaction to me to see young people speaking in Irish to me and each other with courage and self-confidence. And a huge welcome will be extended to Irish speakers and those favourable towards Irish when you succeed in achieving this noble aim”.