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'Continental Christmas Market'
Alex Zarodov

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Information Notice in relation to advertising signs and advertising sleeves

May 10, 2016
Please be advised that as from Monday 23rd May 2016, Galway City Council will be implementing powers under the Litter Pollution Act 1997 (as amended) to address the concerns of advertising signs and advertising sleeves on bollards on the Public footpath/roads.


Any sign/sleeve deemed to be in contravention of the aforementioned Act will result in one or more of the following actions:

An on the spot fine of €150 issued to the business owner

The sign/sleeve being removed

Prosecution in the Courts

Signs on the footpath can cause difficulty to the general public and in particular for people with limited mobility, persons with visual impairments, the elderly, wheelchair users and parents with prams or push chairs. Sandwich boards or similar type signs are not permitted on the footpaths in Galway City.

A list of offending Business premises have been identified and a letter has issued today to each of these, advising that signs/sleeves are illegal and to remove the unauthorised signs/sleeves on or before the date specified above.

This campaign will be of benefit to the City in presenting the streets in a more attractive manner