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'Kirwan's Lane'
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79 Galway Arts Groups Receive City Council Funding

May 2, 2014

The Galway arts community received a significant boost this week with the allocation of €375,000 in grants by Galway City Council. The Council approved grant allocations to 79 arts organisations in the city in order to support their activities in 2014. The grants were approved at Monday's Council meeting, following recommendations from the Council's Arts Funding Committee.

The arts grants are but one of a number of City Council measures supporting the arts in the city. They are strategically important in ensuring that support is provided across the full spectrum of art forms including visual arts, music and singing, theatre in all its forms, dance, creative writing, film, drama in the Irish language, the festivals and activities promoting multi-culturalism, diversity and social inclusion through the medium of art.

The funding also advances the achievement of the strategic objective of supporting and facilitating greater participation in the arts, and ensures that support is provided to new and emerging arts practitioners as well as more established groups.

The full list of grant allocations can be viewed below.

Galway City Council Annual Arts Grant Awards 2014
126 Artist Run Gallery €3,500.00
Access Music Project €2,000.00
Afro Renaissance €400.00
Ala €1,000.00
Anam Theatre Company €1,000.00
Artspace Studios €10,000.00
Away With Words (Brothers of Charity) €1,500.00
Baboro €13,000.00
Blue Teapot Theatre Company (Brothers of Charity) €4,000.00
Branar Téatar do Pháisti €3,000.00
Chrysalis Dance €1,000.00
Claddagh Community Music €500.00
Club Shine €300.00
Cois Cladaigh €3,500.00
Colours Fringe Festival €1,500.00
Colours Street Theatre Company €1,000.00
COPE Galway (Sonas Day Centre) €500.00
Crannog Media €1,000.00
Cuirt €13,000.00
Druid €28,000.00
Engage Art Studios €3,300.00
Forge Clay Studios €800.00
Fregoli Theatre Company €1,000.00
Galway Art Club €500.00
Galway Arts Centre €19,000.00
Galway Arts Festival €46,000.00
Galway Cathedral Recitals €1,000.00
Galway Choral Association €2,000.00
Galway Circus Project €3,500.00
Galway Dance Project €3,450.00
Galway Early Music €7,500.00
Galway Film Centre (ID Films) €12,000.00
Galway Film Fleadh €14,000.00
Galway Film Society €7,000.00
Galway Fringe Festival €4,000.00
Galway Jazz Festival €3,000.00
Galway Music Residency €23,000.00
Galway Musical Society €3,000.00
Galway One World Centre €500.00
Galway Patrician Musical Society €5,000.00
Galway Percy French Society €500.00
Galway Steinway Trust €500.00
Galway Theatre Festival €3,950.00
Galway Traveller Movement €500.00
Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust €8,500.00
Galway Youth Arts Alliance €1,000.00
Galway Youth Orchestra €5,000.00
Galway Youth Theatre €8,000.00
Irish Patchwork Society - Western Branch €500.00
John Rogers Theatre €200.00
Jolt €2,500.00
Junior Galway Film Fleadh €1,500.00
KARA Writers Workshop €500.00
Little Cinema €1,000.00
Lorg Fine Art Printmakers €800.00
Macnas €24,000.00
Mephisto €5,000.00
Moonfish €3,900.00
Music for Galway €11,000.00
Open House Galway €2,000.00
Over the Edge €3,000.00
Renmore ARA €500.00
Renmore Pantomime Society €3,000.00
Saint Nicholas Schola Cantorum €3,000.00
Salthill Active Retirement Association €500.00
Scannan Inbhear Teo €1,000.00
Scoil Chroi Iosa €1,000.00
Soundscape (Brothers of Charity) €4,000.00
Spirit of Voice €1,000.00
The Galway Baroque Singers €4,250.00
The Galway Review €500.00
The Galway Sessions €8,000.00
Tulca €9,500.00
Tunes in the Church €1,000.00
Western Writers' Centre €300.00
Westside Arts Festival €2,000.00
Westside Library €500.00
Youth Ballet West €1,200.00
Youth Work Ireland €650.00
Total €375,000.00