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'Galway Harbour at Dawn'
Alex Zarodov

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Public Notice: Extinguishment of Public Right-of-Ways at Monalee Heights, Rockfield Park and Sceilg Árd

May 7, 2014

Roads Act 1993 Section 73

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a meeting of Galway City Council held on the

13th January, 2014, it was resolved that the following public Right-of-Ways be


Monalee Heights, Ballymoneen Road:

Download Drawing: Right of Way - Monalee Heights (PDF, 468 kb)

  • Alleyway between 95/96 Monalee Heights and 63/64 Monalee Heights
  • Alleyway between 57/58 Monalee Heights and 47/48 Monalee Heights
  • Alleyway between 23 Monalee Heights and 24 Monalee Heights
  • Alleyway between 75 Monalee Heights and 76 Monalee Heights

Rockfield Park:

Download Drawing: Right of Way - Rockfield Park (PDF, 557 kb)

  • Alleyway between 62/84 Rockfield and 66/79 Rockfield
  • Alleyway between 78 and 79 Rockfield

Sceilg Árd:

Download Drawing: Right of Way - Sceilg Ard (PDF, 470 kb)

  • Alleyway between 1 Sceilg Árd and 30 Sceilg Árd

Signed: W. M. Dunne,
A/Director of Services,
Planning and Transportation.