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Roads to Be Public Roads

Roads to Be Public Roads

In accordance with the provision of the Roads Act, 1993, Galway City Council HEREBY GIVES NOTICE of its intention to consider the making of a Declaration that the roads listed hereunder be public roads. This matter will be considered by the said Council at a meeting to be held not earlier than 12th December 2016.

The said roads are depicted on a map which can be inspected during office hours, 9am to 4pm at Yeats College Annex, College Road, Galway, for the period up to and including Wednesday 3rd November, 2016. Galway City Council proposes to take in charge roads and services and the public open spaces within the area outlined in red and shown on the maps, excluding private areas. Objections or representations with regard to the proposal must be received, by the undersigned, not later than 4pm on Thursday 17th November, 2016.


(Estate Name)


Ros Caoin Spine Road, Roscam, Galway.

Roads and services within the extents shown on Drawing No TIC 2016 003, within housing estate known as Ros Caoin, commencing at its junction with the L-5036-0, Doughiska Road and extending east for a distance of 495 lineal metres to the entrance to Boireann Bheag estate.


Signed: Joe O'Neill,
Director of Services, Planning & Transportation,
Galway City Council, Yeats College Annex, College Road, Galway.