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Galway City Council Pilot Commercial Rates Payment Incentive Scheme 2018

Galway City Council Pilot Commercial Rates Payment Incentive Scheme 2018

The object of the Rates Payment Incentive Scheme is to provide a mechanism for rate payers with an annual rates moiety of less than €10,000, to reduce the overall amount of rates payable and encourage the prompt payment of rates liabilities. The incentive will be provided by way of grant to the occupier of a property and will be set as a maximum of 5% of the annual moiety.



The incentive will apply to businesses in Galway City who meet the following prerequisites

· Ratepayers must ensure that all the rates payable on an occupied property, including any arrears from previous years, have been discharged before the 30th June 2018.

· The Rate Payer must not owe any other local authority charges

· The premises cannot be subject to planning enforcement proceedings

· The Rate Payer must be the owner or lessee of the subject premises and be in occupation of the premises conducting a qualifying business activity (i.e does not apply to vacant premises)

· The incentive is only applicable to premises which have an annual rates liability of no more than €10,000

Qualifying Uses

The incentive is available for all business uses that trade legally and which are in line with the planning permission granted.

If the property qualifies for the incentive grant then the grant arising will be applied to the rate payers account on assessment of the status of the account at the end of the year. The credit arising and applied to the account will then be available for set off against the rates liability arising for that occupier on that property in the subsequent year.