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Satellite Dishes on Residential properties

Feb 8, 2017

Satellite Dishes on Residential properties

“In general, satellite dishes are OK – Just not on the front of your house,” says Galway City Council.

Galway City Council’s Planning Section this week has provided clarity around the issue of satellite dishes on homes around the city. Galway City Council had received a number of queries in recent times regarding the planning legislation and the erection of satellite dishes on residential properties.


In general, dishes are allowed on or around houses as long as they are smaller than 1 metre in diameter and are not erected on the front of houses. Permission is however, required for apartments and other buildings including protected structures.


Planning permission is not required to erect a satellite dish on a house, or within the boundaries of a house, providing all of the following essential conditions are met.

  1. 1. Not more than one such dish type antenna, used for the receiving and transmitting of signals from satellites, shall be erected on, or within the curtilage of a house.
  2. 2. The diameter of any such antenna shall not exceed 1 metre.
  3. 3. No such antenna shall be erected on, or forward of, the front wall of the house.
  4. No such antenna shall be erected on the front roof slope of the house or higher than the highest part of the roof of the house.


If the property is an apartment, or other type of flat, planning permission will be required regardless of conditions above.


In addition planning permission will probably be required if the property is a “Protected Structure” or is located in an Architectural Conservation Area as on these properties have different planning requirements.


In these situations, satellite dishes that do not meet the criteria specified above or are erected without planning permission on apartments or ‘protected structures’ are considered “unauthorised”.  Enforcement action can be taken against the owner /occupier of the dwelling on which an unauthorised satellite dish is located, possibly even up to having to pay the full costs associated with investigating, enforcing and rectifying the breach of the planning code. In addition, failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice can result in substantial fines and, where very serious breaches occur may result in criminal prosecution.


The Planning Department advises making contact with them if there is uncertainty as to whether planning permission is required or in relation to the exemption for a satellite dish. Further information is available by calling 091 536599 or email