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Galway City is European Green Leaf 2017

Galway City is European Green Leaf 2017

Galway City will be launched as European Green Leaf 2017 today, March 1 st 2017, at an official ceremony in City Hall, Galway.

Representatives from the European Commission will travel to Galway for the launch event, including Joanna Drake, Deputy Director General, DG Environment and Ben Casper, Team Lead, Urban Environment Policy, DG Environment.

European Green Leaf is an environmental designation awarded to Galway City by the European Commission in recognition of the city's commitment to the environment. Galway was awarded the designation in June last year following a competitive bidding process. An expert jury selected Galway as European Green Leaf 2017 over two other short-listed cities, Mikkeli in Finland and Cornellà de Llobregat in Spain. Previous European Green Leaf cities are Mollet del Vallès in Spain and Torres Vedras in Portugal.

The European Green Leaf competition is aimed at cities and towns across Europe with between 20,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. Winning cities must demonstrate a good environmental record and commitment to generating green growth, actively develop citizens' environmental awareness and involvement and encourage other cities to progress towards better sustainability outcomes.

Speaking about the award, Dr. Sharon Carroll, project co-ordinator of Galway City, European Green Leaf said

"European Green Leaf not only celebrates our past environmental achievements but, also, challenges our city to continually improve the quality of life of our citizens and reduce our impact on the global environment."

She added

"Galway City has always led the way with environmental initiatives, from our progressive waste management practices to our active education and awareness programmes. The European Green Leaf jury recognised the potential of Galway City to act as a green ambassador and to promote the concepts of sustainable cities and sustainable communities throughout Europe."

A series of projects and events will be delivered across all environmental themes as part of Galway City's European Green leaf year, including waste management, resource efficiency, energy performance, climate change, biodiversity, mobility, quality of the air and acoustic environment, water and wastewater. For more information or to get involved, email