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'Galway Cathedral'
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Parkmore Access Improvement Project Update

Mar 3, 2017

Parkmore Access Improvement Project Update


AECOM was appointed by Galway City Council in November 2016 to undertake the Parkmore Access Improvement Project. The project includes short, medium and long term measures to improve access for all modes of transport to the Parkmore area.  The short term measures include the extension of two lanes on Parkmore Road approaching the Parkmore traffic signals and changes to the lane configuration approaching the Briarhill junction to provide 2 left turning lanes. Galway City Council committed to delivering these short term measures by Q2, 2017. These have been delivered ahead of programme and are currently substantially complete. Galway City Council will undertake a review of these short term measures over the coming weeks to examine the effectiveness of the measures.

Modified Junction Layout


Further Short term Works are programmed for the coming months including:

-          Replace Traffic Controller at Briarhill Traffic Signal

-          Improvements to the Doughiska Rd / Old Ballybrit Road junction

-          N6 Right Turn extension


Galway City Council, with their consultants, and in conjunction with Galway County Council and the IDA are currently working on the Medium Term Improvement Measures.