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Galway City Council Refuse Collection Service: Customer FAQs

Jan 1, 2014

Following a review of the provision of Household Waste Management Services, Galway City Council has decided to discontinue the direct collection of household waste.

A letter has been sent to all customers to notify them of this decision, outlining the reasons for the decision and Galway City Council's plans to transition to a new service provider. Further communications will be sent to Galway City Council Refuse Customers prior to moving the service to a new provider.

In the meantime, please find below some further information which may be of interest to Galway City Council Refuse customers.


As a refuse customer of Galway City Council what happens now?

At this time there will be no change to your refuse collection service.

There will be no change to your current collection day.

  • Leave out your bins as normal.
  • Galway City Council will bill customers as normal for the remainder of 2013. Customers should make their payment to Galway City Council by their usual payment method. If you have any questions about making your payment, please contact Galway City Council Customer Service on 091- 536809.

How much will the refuse service cost in 2014 .

  • You will pay no more than €229 in 2014 for the standard three-bin service.
  • If you present less waste then you will pay less than €229.

I currently have a refuse waiver for 2013 - what happens in 2014?

  • If you currently have a refuse waiver for 2013 you will automatically receive a refuse waiver for 2014 i.e. you do not need to reapply for a waiver for 2014.
  • New Refuse Waiver applications will not be accepted after the 10th September 2013.

What happens in 2014?

  • Your Refuse Service will continue as normal under a new service provider, which will be selected by Galway City Council.
    Galway City Council will notify customers by letter once a new provider has been selected and the terms of the service agreed.
  • There will be no change to how and when your refuse is collected in 2014.

What if I do not wish to use the services of the new service provider selected by the City Council.

  • You are perfectly entitled to change your refuse service provider if you wish to do so at any time. However if you do wish to cancel your refuse service you must ensure that you have an alternative service provider in place to collect your waste.
  • Galway City Council is committed to ensuring that we select a service provider that has a cost competitive and high quality service. Once a new service provider is selected Galway City Council will notify customers by letter.

Who will my details be transferred to?

  • Galway City Council will advertise for a new refuse service provider on September 12th and hope to select a new service provider in October 2013. Galway City Council will only transfer customer details to the service provider selected by Galway City Council to continue your service. Galway City Council will not transfer your details to any other service providers.

Do I have a say in whether my name and address are transferred to an alternative service provider?

  • Yes, you can object to the transfer of your name and address to a new service provider. It is expected that a new service provider will start collecting your Refuse from the 18th of November 2013. If you do not wish to have your Refuse collected by the new service provider you must notify Galway City Council of your request and ensure that you have an alternative authorised waste collector to collect your waste from the time you cancel your service (an authorised collector is someone who has a valid waste collection permit).

Will I be notified of who the new service provider is?

  • Yes, Galway City Council will notify customers of the new Refuse Service Provider by letter.You do not have to do anything, as your service will continue as normal.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service team on 091-536809