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Local Elections: Disclosure of Donations & Expenditure

Sep 3, 2014

Act, 1999, as amended.

Statement of Donations and Election Expenses at the Local Elections held on 23rd May 2014.

The Local Elections (Disclosure of Donations and Expenditure) Act 1999, as amended, requires that a Designated Person, an Elected Member, an Unsuccessful Candidate, or a person who incurs election expenses in respect of a local electoral area or electoral areas in relation to a political party or otherwise shall, within 90 days following polling day of an election, furnish to the local authority concerned a Statement in writing of all election expenses incurred by them.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Statements of Donation and Election Expenses at the local elections held on 23rd May, 2014 furnished by Candidates, Elected Members and Designated Persons, in accordance with the Act, for the three local areas in Galway City are now available for inspection at the offices of Galway City Council, City Hall, College Road, Galway, during normal office hours i.e. Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m., with effect from this notice.

Copies of statements furnished, or extracts thereof, may be viewed at or may be purchased on payment of a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of copying.

View Election Expenses Statements 2014

The following Candidates did not furnish statements in accordance with the Act:


Local Electoral Area


Jimmy Horan

Galway City Central

Non Party

Cormac Ó Corcoráin

Galway City Central

Non Party

Signed: G. McMahon, A/Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Services

Date: 3rd September, 2014.