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Tenant Purchase Scheme

Tenant Purchase Scheme 2016

Legislation allowing for the introduction of a new Tenant Purchase Scheme came into effect on 01/01/2016.

We are currently reviewing the legislation and guidance documentation in preparation for the introduction of the scheme for Galway City Council tenants. Once the scheme is operational, we will contact all tenants with information as to how it will apply to them.

  • I am a GCC Housing Tenant; is there support available to me to enable me to purchase my own home from GCC?

    Tenant Purchase Scheme / Incremental Purchase Scheme

    The Tenant Purchase Scheme was introduced to enable tenants of local authorities to purchase their own home at a reduced rate. However this scheme is no longer available and is due to be replaced with a new scheme called the "Incremental Purchase Scheme" in 2014.

    Details of the Incremental Purchase Scheme have yet to be finalised by The Department of Environment, Community & Local Government. We will publish details of the new scheme when they become available.

    Further Information:

    Housing Section,
    Galway City Council,
    City Hall,
    College Road,
    Tel: 091 894373