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Town Twinning

  • What does Town Twinning involve?

    Town twinning involves cultural, educational and an exchange of common interests between communities in different countries.

    To date there have been exchanges in the sporting, cultural and educational spheres.

    Town Twinning helps to:

    • Create opportunities for an interchange of ideas
    • Break down barriers of fear and misunderstanding
    • Foster a better appreciation of out respective cultures.


  • Who co-ordinates Town Twinning in Galway City Council?

    The Corporate Services Department of the City Council co-ordinates and oversees the twinning arrangements.


  • Which cities have been twinned with Galway City?

    Galway is twinned or has full sister-city status with 8 cities around the world. .

    They are:

    Galway City also has a number of Friendship Agreements with cities:

    L.E. Aisling Adoption

    On the 28th September 1996, Galway Corporation (now Galway City Council) on behalf of the citizens of Galway City formally adopted the Irish Naval Ship, L.E. Aisling and resolved to develop a special relationship with the ship and crew and promote awareness of the role and functions of the naval service.

    The captain and crew of the L.E. Aisling in accepting the adoption undertook to nurture a special relationship with the City of Galway.