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Establishment of Galway City Council

Galway Corporation was founded in 1485 by the Tribes of Galway via a Charter of Mayoralty granted to the town in December 1484 by King Richard III of England. The council was dissolved in 1841 and replaced with the Galway Urban District Council. In 1937 it was revived as a borough and in 1986 was raised to the status of a county borough when it was renamed Galway City Council.


Roles, responsibilities and functions

Galway City Council, as a local authority, performs two roles: Representational Role and Operational / Executive Role. For further information visit:


Governance/Management arrangements

There are 18 elected members who are elected from three local electoral areas: They provide a fundamental role of democratically elected local government and representation of local communities, voicing local concerns and responding to local needs.
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The Management Team performs an Executive / Operational Role for Galway City Council and it is made up of 5 key staff members.
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Corporate Plan

In 2014 a Corporate Plan was prepared which runs for a 5 year period. The plan provides a strategic framework within which the combined efforts of the elected members and staff can work together to achieve the objectives set out in the plan having regard to the mission statement and core values of Galway City Council.
For further information on the current Corporate Plan from 2014 - 2019 visit:


Annual Report

In addition to the Corporate Plan which runs for 5 years Galway City Council also publish an Annual Report. The Annual Report records progress, and outlines achievements, across the full spectrum of Galway City Council's activities in the calendar year.
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Locations and contact details for Galway City Council

The search facility on Galway City Council's website is designed to provide customers with information on the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Customers can also contact Galway City Council by phone.
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Links to agencies/other bodies under Galway City Council's FOI remit

Irish Water Service Level Agreement and Annual Service Plan

Galway City Council has a Service Level Agreement & Annual Service Plan with Irish Water in relation to the provision of water and waste water services. This ASP is provided for in the Service Level Agreement agreed between the parties under the Water Services (no 2) Act, 2013, and facilitates the local provision of water and waste water services in partnership with Irish Water.

Service Level Agreement between Enterprise Ireland and Galway City & County Council

A Service Level Agreement between Enterprise Ireland and Galway City & County Council was signed on the 3rd March 2014. For further information visit:


Customer Charter

If you wish to make a complaint about the quality of service you have received then you may phone or ask to speak to the Officer in charge of the area to which the complaint refers.
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Codes of Practice

In January 2003 a new ethics framework came into operation governing the ethics and codes of conduct of local authority members.
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