• Are allotments available through Galway City Council?



    These allotments are plots of land leased to local community members to enable them to grow their own fruit and vegetables.  They provide a great amenity to the city with many benefits provided to the plotholders and their families, from fresh air to home grown produce.  They are managed by the Recreation & Amenity Department.



    We currently provide allotment plots, 77 in total, at two locations:

    ·         Shantalla (City Central) – 33 plots established since 2012

     ·         Merlin Woods Doughiska (East Side of City) – 44 plots established since 2013

    The Shantalla site has, over the years, become very well established with a keen and dedicated group of plotholders.

    The Merlin Woods site is now benefitting from a very active community of plotholders following the filling of all vacant plots during 2020. 

    Applications for lease of allotment plots will be advertised on the Galway City Council website and local press when the need arises in accordance with the Allotment Scheme.

    Plots are allocated in accordance with the Allotment Scheme with waiting lists for both sites should any casual vacancies arise. Successful applicants sign and agree to the conditions of the Allotment Letting Agreement with payment of an annual fee for the plot.

    It is hoped to provide other allotment sites in the future, with emphasis on the west side of the city. 

    Good Reasons to Have an Allotment;

    ·         It is a great form of physical activity, beginning with the intensive clearing process at the beginning, to the planting and maintenance later on.

    ·         It contributes to positive mental health by way of fresh air, the physical act of working the plot, the sense of achievement and not forgetting the social aspect.

    ·         Not only do you eat more fruit and vegetables, contributing to a healthy diet, but you have the benefit of knowing they are home-grown and pesticide free.

    ·         They are good for the environment.  Growing your own food reduces your personal carbon footprint compared to shop bought alternatives and involves no packaging.  Growing organic vegetables also benefits the environment as you limit the amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the soil.

    ·         It is a great way of creating friendships and being an active part of the local community.  There is a lot of sharing - of both knowledge and produce - bulk buying of goods and seeds and general goodwill to other members of the group.

    ·         It requires routine and daily maintenance including planning to see a project through from start to finish.  You can experiment with different vegetables and discover what works best from season to season.

    ·         Growing your own saves you money and can be a very cost-effective way of living, giving a great sense of satisfaction when you take note of all the produce you can provide for minimal outlay.

    ·         There are educational benefits.  Not only can adults learn as they grow, experimenting with different varieties and methods, but it is great to see young children becoming involved, learning the value of growing and harvesting the rewards of their efforts.

    Some of the growers at Merlin


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