Amenity Grants Scheme

  • What is the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    The Amenity Grant Scheme funding is available to support Resident Associations, Community Gardens and Allotment Schemes wishing to undertake Environmental type community initiatives which contribute towards the betterment of their local Environment.


  • Who can apply for the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    The scheme is open to all housing estates, community gardens and allotment schemes in Galway City and must be applied for through the residents association/group.


  • What works are covered by the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    The Amenity Grants Scheme covers general improvement works and environmental initiatives, such as the purchase of small garden equipment, litter pickers, estate name stones, repair works and litter clean-ups.

    The Amenity Grants Scheme does not cover planting initiatives.


  • How much funding is available through the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    Grants are awarded on a sliding scale, depending on the number of houses in the estate.

    The grants for 2020 are as follows:

    • Up to 30 houses €150*
    • 30 to 50 houses €200*
    • From 50-150 houses €250*
    • From 150 houses upwards €350*

     Community Gardens/Allotment Schemes €150*

    *Please note that grant amounts are subject to change and may be reduced depending on the number of applications received.


  • How do I apply to the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    Application forms for the 2020 scheme are available here.


  • Do we need insurance to apply for an Amenity Grant?

    Galway City Council recommends that groups and associations should hold insurance cover. The Environment Department of Galway City Council will refund €50 to residents associations on receipt of evidence of current insurance cover for 2020.


  • What is the closing date for the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    Completed applications should be submitted to: The Environment Section, Galway City Council, City Hall, College Road, Galway, no later than 4:00pm 18th March 2020.


  • How are amenity grant applications assessed?

    All applications are reviewed by the Environment Department in Galway City Council. While every attempt is made to facilitate all applicants, priority will be given to applicants who have not received a grant in previous years and to applicants who include anti-litter measures in their submissions.


  • We would like to plant flowers and shrubs. Is that allowed as part of the Amenity Grant Scheme?

    No. The Amenity Grants Scheme does not cover planting initiatives. 


  • Do we need planning permission to carry out works related to the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    Your association must obtain planning permission for any works, such as the removal of walls or the closing of lane-ways, that are not exempted development. Contact the Planning Department on 091 536599 or by email


  • How do I receive my funding from the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    Grant payments are made by Electronic Funds Transfer to your bank account. If you have received an Amenity Grant from Galway City Council before, payment is straightforward and you do not need to provide us with any further information unless your bank account details change. If you have not received funding in the past, you will need to provide information, including your group's bank account details. We will contact you in relation to this once your application has been deemed successful.


  • Who is responsible for works undertaken through the Amenity Grants Scheme?

    The Residents Association/group is responsible for all works undertaken using Amenity Grant funding. Galway City Council accepts no liability for loss or damage arising while the works are being carried out.

    However, Galway City Council reserves the right to remove or alter any works considered to be a danger to the public. Also, the lands on which the works are carried out remains in public ownership and must be accessible to all members of the public.