BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road Public Consultation October 2020

  • Public Feedback Welcome on Proposed BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road

    ** This non-statutory public consultation is now closed. Feedback and comments are now under review (January 2021). **

  • Galway City Council, in partnership the National Transport Authority (NTA) and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), have launched a non-statutory public consultation today on the Emerging Preferred Option for BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road. 

    The 4-kilometre scheme from the Martin Roundabout to Moneenageisha Junction provides a high-quality pedestrian, cycle and public transport corridor serving the entire of the Dublin Road.

    Galway City Council invites members of the public, landowners and other stakeholders to learn more about the proposed scheme, and to share their feedback, through an innovative ‘virtual information room’, which can be accessed through www.bcgdublinroad.ie (live evening of 8th Oct). This project is part of the Galway Transport Strategy and the wider BusConnects Galway project. 

    In response to Covid-19 restrictions, the BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road design team have developed a virtual information room, where the public can read more about the proposed scheme, including project documentation and maps.

    The purpose of the consultation is to invite feedback, questions and support for the Emerging Preferred Option, to help inform the scheme design as it proceeds through the planning process.

    The non-statutory public consultation, including the virtual information room, will be online from October 8th this evening for a minimum of 6 weeks, see www.bcgdublinroad.ie

    Galway City Council welcome the engagement of the public, landowners and other stakeholders on the project.

    Non-Statutory Public Consultation Brochure