Climate Change Mitigation

What is Climate Change Mitigation?

Climate Change Mitigation describes action to reduce the likelihood of an event occurring or reduce the impact if it does occur.

This can include reducing the causes of climate change (e.g. emissions of greenhouse gases) as well as reducing future risks associated with climate change.

What are the greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse Gases are gases whose presence in the atmosphere traps energy radiated by the Earth; this is called the greenhouse effect. These gases can be produced through natural or human processes.

Water Vapour is the most common natural greenhouse gas.

Greenhouse gases emitted by human activity include Carbon dioxide, Methane, Fluorinated gases, Ozone and Nitrous oxide.

Energy Efficiency Targets

Galway City Council as a Public Body has a target to improve its energy efficiency by 33% by 2020 from a base year of 2009.

The Energy Efficiency is measured using an Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI).

Galway City Council's annual energy consumption and energy efficiency performance is published here on the SEAI website