Community Planting Initiative

  • What is the Community Planting Initiative?

    The Galway City Community Planting Initiative involves local interest groups working together with Galway City Council to increase the planting and aftercare, of trees, shrubs and flowers in the city. Galway City Council provides the plants and support for the community groups to plant and care for shrubs in their area.


  • What are the aims of Community Planting Initiative?

    • To enhance beauty and nature in Galway City
    • To encourage pride in people in their localities
    • To help reduce vandalism by involving local people in their estates
    • To encourage co-operation amongst neighbours
    • To encourage co-operation between Galway City Council and the people of Galway
    • To encourage family involvement and a sense of community


  • Who is eligible to partake in the Community Planting Initiative?

    Any Residents Association and local interest group in the city area are eligible to partake in the initiative. The group must register with Galway City Council and must suggest what they wish to plant and how they will care for the plants received.


  • How many plants can each group apply for?

    Each group will be considered separately. The number of plants received will depend on availability, the size of the area they plan to plant, and the number of people involved in the planting and aftercare of the area. Larger projects may be run over a number of years.


  • What types of plants are available through the Community Planting Initiative?

    A wide variety of plants are available including:

    • Bulbs
    • Shrubs
    • Trees

    We also may supply some mulch - if available.


  • When is the best time to plant?

    Based on the information received on the application forms, advice will be given regarding when planting should take place. Usually a member of Galway City Council staff will visit the area to assess what should be planted and the best time to start planting.


  • Where should we plant?

    Planting usually takes place in areas such as estate entrances, along road margins, in open spaces and amenity areas.


  • When can planting begin?

    Once an application form is received and processed, planting can begin as soon as it is suitable. This will also depend on availability of plants and people willing to plant them.


  • What aftercare is needed after planting?

    The aftercare needed will depend on the plants planted, their location and the number of people involved in maintaining them.