End of Life Vehicles

  • What is an end of life vehicle?

    An End of Life Vehicle is an old car or van weighing no more than 3,500kgs or a three-wheel motor vehicle, which you feel, is no longer safe to keep driving and you wish to dispose of. It may also be a car or van that has been written off by an insurance firm following a car accident.


  • What is the law in relation to End of Life Vehicles?

    European Parliament and Council Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles sets out specific measures to be put in place by Member States in relation to the collection, storage, treatment, dismantling, reuse and recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

    The disposal of end-of-life vehicles is controlled because they can pose a threat to the environment. This is largely because of the hazardous materials contained in end-of-life vehicles. These include, for example, lead acid batteries, fluids including lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid, and catalytic convertors, all of which must be disposed of safely in order to prevent environmental pollution.

    In addition to this, the European Union (End-of-Life Vehicle) Regualtions 2014 sets out specific responsibilities in relation to end of life vehicles for

    • Vehicle Owners
    • Local Authorities
    • Authorised Treatment Facilities
  • Producers (i.e. vehicle manufacturers and importers)

Registered vehicle owners who intend on disposing of a vehicle as waste, are required to deposit the vehicle at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and recovery.

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  • How can I dispose of an old vehicle?

    If you are the registered owner of a vehicle and you wish to dispose of it, you must ensure that you dispose of it using an authorised treatment facility.

    You should not give your vehicle to an unauthorised waste collector or facility, as you, as the registered owner, are responsible for the vehicles correct disposal.

    End of life vehicle owners in the Galway City area can bring end of life vehicles to the following authorised treatment facility for recycling:

    The Galway Vehicle Recycling Centre Ltd.,
    Liosban Industrial Estate,
    Tuam Road,
    Tel. 091 755616.

    There is no charge for the disposal of an end of life vehicle, provided you can bring the vehicle to an authorised treatment facility yourself. If you wish to have your vehicle collected and brought to the authorised treatment facility, a charge may apply.

    When disposing of the vehicle at the authorised treatment facility you should bring all documentation in relation to the vehicle e.g. vehicle registration certificate.

    You are entitled to receive a Certificate of Destruction when the vehicle had been de-polluted. This document is proof that the vehicle has been correctly disposed of.


  • Why is the Certificate of Destruction Important?

    It is important because the Certificate of Destruction you receive from the authorised treatment facility shows that the facility is accepting the legal responsibility for the vehicle from you from that point onwards.

    The Certificate of Destruction can be used as proof that the vehicle has been correctly disposed of when claiming back any remaining Motor Tax (when filling out a Motor Tax Refund form RF 120) (see www.motortax.ie).

    If the authorised treatment facility accepts the car from you, you must leave the car's logbook (or Vehicle Registration Certificate) with it. In return you must be given a clearly readable, fully completed Certificate of Destruction form by the authorised treatment facility you leave the car at. The date the Certificate of Destruction is filled out should be the date the vehicle was dropped off for disposal and accepted by the authorised treatment facility on.

    Under no circumstances should an authorised treatment facility charge you to take an end of life vehicle in for disposal unless some parts are already missing from the vehicle.


  • Who are considered to be "Vehicle Producers"?

    A vehicle producer is the person who imports vehicles into the State, or manufactures vehicles in the State.

    Each Producer involved in the placing of specified vehicles on the market in the State is required to register with each Local Authority within the State.


  • How do I register as a producer (re. end of life vehicles)?

    Contact http://elves.ie/ or elv@galwaycity.ie for further information.

    Producer responsibilities and obligations are listed in Part II of theEuropean Union (End-of-Life Vehicle) Regualtions 2014


  • What are the obligations on operators of treatment facilities?

    All facilities involved in the dismantling and/or treatment of End of Life Vehicles are required to operate under an Environmental Protection Agency waste licence or a waste facility permit issued by the Local Authority. Obligations on Authorised Treatment Facilities are listed in Article 14. (1) and Part III of the European Union (End-of-Life Vehicle) Regulations 2014

    Download Waste Facility Permit application form.


  • Who can I contact in Galway City Council re. End of Life Vehicles?

    If you have any questions on the disposal of end of life vehicles, Authorised Treatment Facilities or Producer obligations please contact

    Customer Service
    Tel: 091 536400
    Email: elv@galwaycity.ie

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