Flooding and Flood Risk


Flooding: ‘Flooding is a temporary covering by water of land not normally covered by water, and is a natural process that can happen at any time in a wide variety of locations’

Flood Risk: ‘Flood risk is the damage that may be expected to occur at a given location arising from flooding. It is a combination of the likelihood, or probability, of flood occurrence, the degree of flooding and the impacts or damage that the flooding may cause’

Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management Programme (CFRAM)

In 2012 the Office of Public Works (OPW) commenced an extensive study of flood risk areas in conjunction with local authorities called the Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management Programme (CFRAM).   This programme identified 300 communities at potentially significant risk from future flooding, including 90 coastal communities which were deemed as Areas for Further Assessment (AFAs). Galway City was included in this list.

The CFRAM Programme has provided the evidence to plan nationally to address flood risk, including more evidence to inform planning and development decisions and emergency response planning.

29 Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP) were developed from the CFRAM programme and these set out the potentially viable measures that would manage the risk of flooding in Ireland.  The Flood Risk Management Plans provide the evidence to inform how future Government investment can return greatest benefit nationally.

The FRMP relevant to Galway City is FRMP River Basin (30) Corrib


Coirib go Cósta Galway City Flood Relief Scheme

In order to address the Flood Risk Management Plan and to manage the risk of flooding in Galway City the ‘Coirib go Cósta’ Galway City Flood Relief scheme has been approved to proceed and commenced in November 2020 with the appointment by Galway City Council of Specialist Consultants (Arups) to provide Engineering and Environmental expertise for the duration of the scheme.

The scheme is managed by a steering group consisting of Galway City Council, the Office of Public Works and Arups. The scheme will build on the information provided via the CFRAM programme and develop a scheme that is socially, economically, environmentally, technically and aesthetically viable for Galway City. The scheme is currently in stage 1 – Options assessment and development    

All information relevant to the scheme can be found at the dedicated website: www.coiribgocosta.ie



Submit Information relating to Flooding

If any member of the public has any information relating to flooding we would really appreciate if this could be passed through to the project team.

Any information is welcome past or present and can be in any form photo/video/anecdotal/verbal etc.

We really encourage you to make contact with us should you have any information and we will ensure all information that is collected is assessed as part of the scheme development.

Information can be submitted via the contact us link

Galway City Council Flooding Response

In the event of significant flooding in Galway City, Galway City Council will invoke its Plan for the Management of a Major Emergency.

GCC will liaise with all agencies and utilise all local and national media agencies available to it to make the public aware of events and updated information where available.

The Office of Public Works has developed two very useful websites to help when dealing with flooding matters.

Flooding.ie This site provides practical information in relation to the dangers of flooding and the measures that can be taken to minimise the damage caused by such flooding.

floodinfo.ie – This site provides information in relation to areas of the country that may be prone to flooding.