For Voters

  • When are the Local Elections 2019?

    The Local Elections 2019 will take place on Friday 24th of May 2019, to elect 18 Members, representing three Local Electoral Areas in Galway City.

    The Local Elections will take place on the same day as the European Elections and a Referendum.

    The polling stations will open from 7.00am until 10.00pm in Galway City.


  • Where can I vote?

    If you are registered to vote, you will receive a polling card in advance of the Local Elections. The polling card will show what polling station you vote in, and which polling box you put your vote into.

    You must vote in person, at the polling station allotted to you - unless you are registered as a Special or Postal Voter (e.g. Garda Siochana, Foreign Diplomats, persons with a physical illness or disability, person with an occupation, service or employment preventing them to get to attend at their polling station; prisoners; residents of hospitals, homes or similar institutions. Read more on applying for a special or postal vote at ).

    In 2019, there will be an additional 10 polling boxes in Galway City, so you may find your usual polling box has changed. Please check your polling card for details, and bring your polling card and ID to the polling station.


  • How can I check if I am registered to vote?

    Go to to check you are registered to vote.

    Alternatively you can call Galway City Council on 091 536 400 to check.


  • How do I register to Vote?

    Find out more about how to register to vote, including voting by post at


  • Where are the polling stations in Galway City?

    You can view the polling stations for Galway City on the following map

    Galway City Polling Stations


  • What do I need to bring with me to vote on Polling Day?

    Bring your polling card and a valid ID Link with you to your polling station.


  • How do I vote for my preferred candidate?

    When you go to your polling station, you will be given ballot papers and a pencil to vote. The Polling Station staff will stamp your ballot papers to validate them.

    Bring your ballot paper to the booths in the room to mark your ballots. To vote for your preferred candidate in the Local Elections, mark a '1' in the box beside their name and photo. You can vote '2' for your second preferred candidate, and so on. You can vote for as many or as few candidates as you wish, but must vote in order e.g. '1' for first choice, 2 for second choice, 3 for third choice and so on.

    When you have finished voting, return to the polling box where you got your ballot papers, and place the ballot into the box.


  • Can I write on the ballot paper?

    If you write or mark anything on the ballot paper other than your vote, your ballot may be deemed a 'doubtful vote' and may not be included in the count.


  • What happens after I vote?

    All the ballots will be counted at the Local Election Count Centre, in Westside Community Centre, on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26 th of May 2019. The Count is overseen by the Returning Officer and his staff. Results will be published as counts take place and candidates are elected or excluded.

    The Count Centre is open to the media, election candidates and their nominees, who must get a pass in advance to enter the centre. Details of how to apply for a pass will be notified to candidates and the media.


  • What is a Local Electoral Area?

    A local electoral area (LEA) is an electoral area for elections to local authorities in Ireland. There are three Local Electoral Areas or LEAs in Galway City. They are East, Central and West. Each area has 6 Members elected to Galway City Council. Candidates seeking election will campaign in their Local Electoral Area for votes. You can only vote for a candidate who is seeking election in your Local Electoral Area.

    View the Local Electoral Area boundaries for Galway City


  • Who can run for election to Galway City Council?

    Every person who is a citizen of Ireland or ordinarily resident in the State and has reached the age of 18 years and is not subject to disqualification is eligible for election or co-option to and membership of a local authority. Reasons for disqualification and more information on elections to Local Authorities can be found in this Guide

    Local Elections 2019 - Regulations


  • Who runs the Local Elections in Galway City?

    The Chief Executive of a local authority assigns the role of Returning Officer to an employee of the local authority. The Returning Officer for Galway City Council is Mr. Gary McMahon. The returning officer is responsible for conducting the election and declaring the results.