Galway Transport Strategy

GTS Consultation Flyer [PDF 1MB]

GTS PC Boards - English [PDF 9MB]

GTS PC Boards - Gaeilge.pdf [PDF 8MB]

GTS Appendix A Transport Demand [PDF 5MB]

GTS Appendix B Modelling and Appraisal [PDF 4MB]

GTS Appendix C Public Transport Network Development [PDF 5B]

GTS Appendix D Public Transport Infrastructure Development [PDF 18MB]

GTS Appendix E Park and Ride Location Analysis [PDF 2MB]

GTS Appendix F Cycle Network and Infrastructure Development [PDF 3MB]

GTS Appendix G Public Realm Proposals [PDF 4MB]

GTS Appendix H Smarter Mobility [PDF 1MB]

GTS Appendix I Strategic Environmental Assessment [PDF 6MB]

GTS Appendix J NIS [PDF 33MB]

GTS Appendix K SFRA [PDF 3MB]

GTS Executive Summary Report - English [PDF 9MB]

GTS Executive Summary Report - Irish [PDF 9MB]

GTS Main Technical Report [PDF 7MB]

Galway City Council & Galway County Council, in partnership with the National Transport Authority, have developed the Galway Transport Strategy (GTS), an Integrated Transport Strategy for Galway City & Environs.

The GTS sets out a series of actions and measures, covering infrastructural, operational and policy elements to be implemented in Galway over the next 20 years and sets out a framework to deliver the projects in a phased manner.


Why we developed the GTS?

Galway has a transport problem, due to its reliance on the private car, which has been influenced by the existing public transport network, limited cycling facilities, a large rural hinterland and being the key gateway in and out of Connemara..

Combined with this, it has a road and street network which is ill-suited to the high traffic flows currently prevalent are contributing to increased congestion and delay, affecting quality of life and impacting on the functionality of the City.

To address this, a fundamental shift is needed towards sustainable travel, reducing the dependency on the private car and taking action to make Galway more accessible and connected, enhancing quality of life within the City for all. We have an opportunity to work together to make Galway an exemplar of Smarter Travel in Ireland.

To address these problems, Galway City Council's strategic objectives for transport are:

· to promote and encourage sustainable transport
· to manage the traffic in a way which maximises mobility and safe movement
· to maintain and develop/upgrade Infrastructure

Attached is the full GTS, which provides an overall view of the measures to be introduced and the technical documents supporting them.

Over the next few months Galway City Council will be commencing the introduction of the measures contained in the GTS.