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Please ensure you have registered with the Galway City Council Funding Scheme to receive your required ID for completion of this form.


(1) Guidelines:

Galway City Council Arts Office invites applications for the Band Grant Scheme 2022 which will provide funding towards bands to enable them to give public performances in the City.  

In order to be considered for funding the band must be based in Galway City or operate substantially within the City.  The City Council offers a limited amount of support to Bands, including Marching and School Bands, Brass and Pipe bands.

Funding is limited and the process is competitive, therefore all applicants may not be successful. 

Grant assistance will be awarded only where applications meet the criteria set down by Galway City Council.  Please note that the City Council reserves its right to add to or reduce the number and value of awards it may make.

Applicants must complete all sections of the form. All questions must be answered even if it is to state that the question is not relevant.

deadline for the receipt of applications is

Wednesday 5th October, 2022 at 4pm


(2) General Brief for completing the Application Form:

  • Read all questions thoroughly before you answer them.
  • Remember that several people will be involved in the decision-making so ensure your application is clear, concise and unambiguous.
  • Do not assume the selection panel know you or your work – treat each application as if it were your first.
  • Remember your application is assessed on the basis of all information supplied within a competitive context of many other applications.
  • Have a clear and realistic idea of what you want and how much your proposal costs.
  • Ensure that you upload all requested documentation.
  • Please ensure to make specific reference to “New Directions Strategic Plan for the Arts 2021 – 2026” in your application. 



Applications received are assessed using the following assessment criteria. 


  • Applications must be submitted before the stated deadline.
  • Applications must be fully completed and signed.
  • Any requested accompanying material must be submitted.
  • Applicants must be located or provide services within Galway City Council’s administrative area.
  • The work in respect of which funding is sought must be artistic or cultural in nature.
  • The work in respect of which funding is sought must be carried out on a not-for-profit basis.
  • You must demonstrate efforts to secure income from other sources.


  • The Band must be based in Galway City or operate substantially within the City.
  • The Band must give public performances in the City.
  • Artistic track record of the band.
  • Quality of proposed artistic encounter.
  • Programmes ability to extend and enhance participants’ understanding and/or practice of the art form.
  • Ability to secure income from other sources.
    • Demonstrate an interest in growth and development of band work.
  • Equality of access to and participation in band work.
  • Evidence of sound book-keeping practices (If applicable certified annual accounts should be supplied).
  • Evidence of a committee based governing structure for the band.


(4) Assessment of Applications received:

Your application for grant aid for 2022 must be submitted no later than 4.00pm Wednesday 5th October, 2022.  Please note, no submissions later than this date and time can be accepted.  All applications must be submitted online.  A formal acknowledgement of your application with a reference number will be issued within two weeks of that date.  If you do not receive this communication within that time, it is your responsibility to contact the Arts Office in this regard.

In assessing your application the following will be taken into account:

  • The quality of your proposed band work
  • Whether you have the capacity to complete and see this activity through to successful fruition, including budget management, marketing and evaluation.
  • Whether this activity will have a constructive and positive effect.
  • Consideration of your background and a proven track record in the arts.
  • The innovative nature of your proposal.
  • Consideration of your reasons for applying for this grant.
  • The clarity of your proposal.
  • Specific reference given to “New Directions Strategic Plan for the Arts 2021 – 2026” in your application.


(5)       Conditions applying to Band Grants:

  • Galway City Council may seek the advice of external assessors.
  • Band Grants may be withheld or divided among applicants at the City Council's discretion.
  • All Band Grants are offered subject to the availability of funds.
  • The funding offered must only be used for the purposes specified in your application.
  • The award must be spent before 31st December, 2022.
  • Assistance received through this scheme should form part of the income funding the band.
  • Where a grant is allocated for a specific event / project, Galway City Council will not be responsible for the insurance of that event / project. The Arts Office recommends that the organisers ensure that adequate insurance is in place prior to the commencement of any event / project.
  • If the event or project is altered, postponed or cancelled – in whole or in part – the Arts Office must be contacted in order to discuss the matter.
  • Codes of Practice Observance; Child First Guidelines, Animal Welfare, Health & Safety Regulations, Equal Opportunities.
  • Galway City Council must be acknowledged on all publicity, press and marketing material produced in connection with the undertaking or event.
  • Copies of all such material produced must be sent to the Arts Office.
  • Where relevant, applicants must have full and complete permission from the venue owner to hold events in said venue.
  • An evaluation report regarding the event / project will be requested by the Arts Office and must be submitted on request. Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of the funding.
  • Acceptance of these conditions is implied by submission of a completed Application Form.
  • Canvassing will disqualify the applicant.








SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY THE DEADLINE OF Wednesday 5th October, 2022 at 4pm



(7)  Freedom of Information:

Galway City Council proposes that the following information relating to this grant application competition will be made available on request:

  1. Name of the successful applicants.
  2. Reasons an applicant did not qualify for grant consideration.

Galway City Council undertakes to use its best endeavours to hold confidential any information provided by applicants subject to its obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act 2014.  Applicants are requested to consider if any of the information supplied should not be disclosed because of its sensitivity. If this is the case, candidates should, when providing the information, identify same and specify the reasons for its sensitivity. If such information is not identified as sensitive and Galway City Council upon consideration does not deem it sensitive, then such information is liable to be released in response to a Freedom of Information request without further consultation with the applicants. Galway City Council will consult with any candidates about sensitive information before making a decision on any Freedom of Information Act request received.

(8) Data Protection:

All personal information received will be held in line with our Data Protection Policy.  You can find our Privacy Notice here


(9)  Contact:

Email: arts@galwaycity.ie with subject line “Band Grants 2022 Enquiry”

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