Galway Educate Together/ St Joseph’s – Safe Routes to School

Public Consultation Outcome Report - September 2022

The Public Consultation Outcome Report, detailing the feedback received, consultations undertaken and the ‘Next Steps’ is now available.

Public Consultation Outcome Report: Galway Educate Together & St. Josephs National Schools


Outline Delivery Plan - April/May 2022

In April /May 2022, an Taisce’s Green School Infrastructure Officer, in conjunction with the school representatives, agreed the Outline Delivery Plan for interventions to be investigated and progressed as part of the SRTS Programme for the Galway Educate Together & St. Josephs National Schools, by Galway City Council in conjunction with the National Transport Authority.

Outline Delivery Plan: St. Joseph’s Special School

Outline Delivery Plan: Galway Educate Together National School


Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School School Zone – Public Consultation May 2022


As part of the Safe Routes to School programme, Galway City Council is engaging with the school community of Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School to develop a ‘front of school’ design to make it safer for children walking, cycling and scooting to school. The design will also benefit residents and commuters walking and cycling through their neighbourhood.

86% of Galway Educate Together NS & 95% of St Joseph’s Special School parents/ guardians support works at the front of school that improve student safety, putting pedestrians and cyclists first.

94% GETNS/ 100% St Josephs parents/guardians would support works that improve the walking and cycling routes to the school.

Parents & Guardians Travel Survey 2021 


When parents/ guardians in Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School were asked what improvement would support children to walk, cycle or scoot to school, the most frequently requested changes were:

- New/improved footpaths  (38% St Joseph’s)

- Safer crossing points (43% St Joseph’s, 58% GETNS)

- New/improved cycle paths (53% St Joseph’s, 64% GETNS)

- Fewer cars at the school gate (46% GETNS) 


Galway City Council has developed a design to address concerns expressed by parents/ guardians, and is inviting public feedback on the proposals.


What is proposed at Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School?

A ‘School Zone’s design has been developed for Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School, based on the national Safe Routes to School design guidance, and engagement with the school and landowners sharing an access road/ parking. The design also incorporates design guidance such as the National Cycle Manual and the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets.

Elements Proposed:

- Pencil bollards to prevent parking on footpaths where children are walking

- Road markings highlighting the school to drivers

- Raised table pedestrian crossings letting children cross and slowing cars down

- Continuous Footways giving ‘visual priority’ to pedestrians and slowing cars down

- Tighter junctions making the junction shorter for children to cross            

- Double yellow lines to discourage parked cars blocking traffic/ children’s line of sight


You can view the drawings for Galway Educate Together NS & St Joseph’s Special School here


A ‘talk through’ presentation of the drawing can be viewed here 


Leaflet with images of Elements Proposed



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