Glan Suas Gaillimh

  • I would like to volunteer for litter clean-ups in the city. Who do I contact?

    Weekly litter clean-ups take place in Galway City through the Glan Suas Gaillimh initiative. If you would like to get involved, contact or check out Glan Suas Gaillimh on Facebook.


  • What is Glan Suas Gaillimh?

    Glan Suas Gaillimh is a joint initiative between community groups in the city and Galway City Council. Regular clean-ups of public spaces in the city, including woodlands, parks and beaches are organised and volunteers are asked to come out and assist. Bags, gloves and litter pickers are provided. For more information on upcoming events, check out the Glan Suas Gaillimh facebook page.


  • Where and when is the next Glan Suas Gaillimh clean-up?

    The next Glan Suas Gaillimh clean-up is: tbc


  • I would like to arrange a litter clean-up of my local area. What do I do?

    If you would like to arrange a litter-clean up of your local area, please contact Galway City Council on (091) 536400 and ask for information on the Spring Clean initiative. Galway City Council can provide support by supplying you with bags and gloves and we will collect the litter after the event.

    If you feel there is an area that could benefit from a clean-up from Glan Suas Gaillimh, contact Galway City Council on (091) 536400 or e-mail


  • Are there any Health and Safety considerations relating to litter clean-ups?

    Yes. The most important thing to consider at all times is your safety. You should not participate in a clean-up unless you understand and accept that you are doing so at your own risk. You will be provided with gloves, litter pickers and high-visibility vests but please bring along suitable clothing and footwear. Dangerous materials, such as broken glass, may be encountered during litter picks and should be treated with caution. Suspect materials and drug-related litter should not be moved and their location should be reported to Galway City Council. Litter picking should be restricted to safe areas. Litter picking on roads, slopes and close to waterbodies should be avoided. Avoid reaching into ditches and use a litter picker when removing litter from hedgerows and shrubs. Be mindful of wildlife. Do not enter an area where works are restricted or are already taking place (for example, road works) or where the public do not have a right to entry.

    If you are organising a clean-up, we would strongly recommend that you carry out a risk assessment. If you do not have your own risk assessment form, Galway City Council can provide you with a template. For further information on health & safety considerations relating to litter clean-ups, please contact the Environment Education Officer on (091) 536564 or e-mail


  • Can I get litter pickers for my group?

    Yes. Galway City Council can provide a limited number of litter pickers for your group to assist in litter clean-ups. As we do not always have them in stock, please contact us a few weeks prior to your clean-up so that we can ensure you receive them in time. You can also apply for funding to purchase litter pickers, gloves and bags for your group through the Anti-Litter Awareness Grants Scheme.


  • Who will collect the bags of litter after the clean-up?

    Bagged litter will be collected by Galway City Council following your clean-ups. Collections take place on Wednesdays and it is essential that you contact Galway City Council to register your clean-up through the Spring Clean initiative to ensure the litter is collected.


  • Should we separate recyclables from the litter?

    Yes. Many items of litter that you find are recyclable. These are the kinds of waste items that you would normally place in your recycling bin, such as plastic bottles and aluminium cans. If you are able to, please collect these recyclable items in separate clear bags, as provided by Galway City Council. Non-recyclable waste can be placed in the black bin bags, as provided by Galway City Council. Aluminium cans can be brought to the Galway City Council Civic Amenity site and exchanged for cash under Galway City Council's Cash for Cans scheme.


  • How can I help keep Galway Litter Free?

    Do Not Litter.
    A startling 48% of people admit to littering. From throwing a cigarette butt out a car window to leaving a sofa in a field, almost half of all Irish people admit to littering. Please do not litter. You are spoiling our beautiful country and wasting money - over €100 million a year is spent cleaning up after litter louts in Ireland.

    Do not tolerate those that litter.
    Please report all littering offences to Galway City Council on (091) 536595. We can then investigate and fine those responsible. Did you know that the government receives about 5,000 written complaints from tourists every year about litter!

    Take action.
    Take part in a clean up of your local area or support the Glan Suas Gaillimh Initiative. Contact Galway City Council on (091) 536595 for more information.


  • How do I report litter and illegal dumping?

    If you see somebody littering, please contact us so we can take action. Call (091) 536400 or Alternatively, you can download and fill out the environment complaint form and post it to Environment Department, Galway City Council, City Hall, College Road, Galway.