Green Festivals and Events

  • What is the Green Your Festival initiative?

    Green your Festival is an initiative of participating local authorities in Ireland's Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN), including Galway City Council.

    The aim of the initative is to reduce the environmental impact of festivals and events. Support materials and advice are available to any festival or event through the website or by contacting the Environment Education Officer on


  • What is the Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN)?

    The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) is a cooperative programme between the Environmental Protection Agency's National Waste Prevention Programme and local authorities in Ireland.

    LAPN aims to build capacity in local authorities for promoting waste prevention at a local and grassroots level for the benefit of their regions. More information is available on

    Galway City Council has been an active member of LAPN since it's conception in 2010 and draws on the support and expertise of the network when working with businesses, organisations and communities on waste prevention.


  • I am organising a festival/event in Galway City and I would like to ensure it is environmentally-friendly. What do I need to know?

    Galway city is world famous for its festivals and events. While they provide major social, financial and cultural benefits to Galway and its people, they can also have significant environmental impacts.

    Prior to organising an event or festival, you should have a think about the waste you will produce, the energy you will consume and the water you will use - and how you might manage these effectively. If you intend to serve food, you must also consider food waste.

    It is also important that you consider a resource pack to get you started available on or by contacting the Environment Education Officer on


  • Are there any green festivals in Galway City?

    Many of the festivals and events in Galway city adhere to best environmental practice. The majority of events have a litter management plan and a waste management plan.

    The Galway Food Festival actively promotes food waste prevention. The Galway Arts Festival has actively engaged in the Green your Festival initiative for the last few years and has worked hard to not only green it's events and venues but also to encourage its suppliers and related businesses to become more environmentally friendly.

    More information on the Greening Galway Arts festival initiative can be found on If you would like to green your festival or event, contact the Environment Education Officer on



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