Green Schools

  • Are Galway city schools involved in environmental initiatives?

    Yes. Galway city schools are actively involved in many environmental initiatives and projects, on a range of topics such as litter, waste, energy and biodiversity. Many of these environmental projects are undertaken through the Green Schools Programme.


  • What is the Green Schools programme?

    Green Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.

    In Ireland, the Green Schools Programme is run by An Taisce, in partnership with the local authorities. More information can be found on


  • How many Green Schools are in Galway city?

    There are currently 30 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in Galway city registered for the Green Schools programme. Of these, 26 primary schools and 5 secondary schools have been awarded green flags for their efforts in environmental education.


  • What is involved in the Green Schools Programme?

    The Green Schools Programme is based on a 'Seven Step' system for continual improvement.
    The seven steps are:

    1. Green Schools Committee
    2. Environmental Review
    3. Action Plan
    4. Monitoring and Evaluation
    5. Curriculum Work
    6. Informing and Involving
    7. Green Code

    Schools initially focus on the theme of Litter and Waste, working through the seven steps for this theme, before applying for a Green Flag. Once successful, the school moves onto different themes, including Energy, Water, Biodiversity and Global Citizenship.

    The website is an excellent resource and provides information, advice and case studies on all the green school themes.


  • What are the benefits of participating in the Green Schools Programme?

    The Green Schools' Programme offers your school:

    • An opportunity to help develop students' decision-making skills;
    • An opportunity to build students' confidence and sense of citizenship through participation;
    • Curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events;
    • Access to a network of support agencies;
    • Links with other schools in Ireland and internationally;
    • A prestigious and internationally recognised award;
    • Opportunities for local and national publicity;
    • Potential for financial savings;
    • Reduction of waste and litter, reduced energy and water consumption levels;
    • Improved school environment;
    • Opportunity to involve the local community.

    Estimated data for awarded schools in Galway City show that 8,303 students and 532 teachers are have already 'gone green' and, every year, 125 tonnes of waste is diverted from landfill and 1.4 million kW energy and 8 million litres of water are saved, resulting in a collective cost saving of over €200,000 per annum for Galway city schools.

    Case studies are available on


  • How can our school get involved in the Green School programme?

    If you would like to register for the Green Schools' programme, please contact An Taisce on (01) 4002202 or Application forms are also available on the website

    More information on the Green Schools Programme in Galway city is available from Galway City Council's Environment Education Officer on (091) 536564 or

    Involvement in the programme requires:

    • The support of the Principal and Board of Management;
    • A willingness to involve children in decision-making and action at every stage;
    • Active involvement of staff;
    • A willingness to take action to instigate long-term change.


  • How much does the Green Schools Programme cost?

    Registration and materials are free to all schools taking part.


  • Can third level institutions take part in the Green-Schools Programme?

    A separate programme for 3rd Level Institutions has been developed called Green Campus. If you are a 3rd level institution, please contact Deirde O'Carroll at

    More information on the Green Campus Programme in Galway city is available from Galway City Council's Environment Education Officer on (091) 536564 or


  • Can I order a replacement Green Flag?

    Yes, replacement flags are available at a cost of €25. This covers the cost of the manufacturing of the flag and the cost of shipping and postage.

    If you wish to order a replacement Green Flag, you can make out a cheque for €25 to "Green-Schools" and post it to Green Schools Office, Environmental Education Unit, An Taisce, Unit 5A Swift's Alley, Francis Street, Dublin 8.


  • Are there any environmental initiatives other than green schools?

    Yes. Galway City Council's Environment Education Officer offers support to all schools in the city - from assistance with litter clean-ups to the organisation of environmental shows and workshops. The main focus is on litter and waste.

    If you would like the Environment Education Officer to call to your school to talk to students or teachers about environmental issues, contact Environment (091) 536400 or e-mail


  • I would like to arrange a school talk from the Environment Education Officer. Who do I contact?

    If you would like the Environment Education Officer to call to your school to talk to students or teachers about environmental issues, contact Environment on (091) 536400 or e-mail


  • I would like to arrange a litter clean-up in my school. Who do I contact?

    Contact the Environment Education Officer on  (091) 536840 or by e-mail at Galway City Council can provide you with litter pickers and bags and will pick up the waste.

    It is important that you call us before the clean-up takes place so that we can have the arrangements in place.


  • Can Galway City Council assist our school in managing our waste?

    Yes. Galway City Council can help you take the first steps in addressing waste in your school or assist in improving what you are already doing. A wide range of supports are available to achieve this, from presentations to information material.

    Also, the Environment Education Officer can visit your school and assist with waste audits and the preparation of action plans. Contact Environment on (091) 536840 or by e-mail at for more information.



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