Healthy Green Spaces

  • Healthy Green Spaces

    Healthy Green Spaces is a new Initiative under taken by the Recreation & Amenity Dept. in 2019 and following a selection process are now working with a number of community/residents  groups in the city on what is envisaged to be a five year project.

    Healthy Green Spaces is about improving the quality of our city’s green spaces to be welcoming and inviting for people, to deliver on our needs to reverse biodiversity loss, support our pollinators, make positive impacts against or to cope with climate change, reduce waste & our reliance on carbon based fuels.

    The Department is now engaging with groups that are committed to developing a long-term approach to their green areas to encompass environmental issues, climate change and biodiversity and who would like to:-


    The Recreation & Amenity Department are providing support, enthusiasm, technical know-how, resources and pollinator-friendly planting. We are looking forward to the commitment of local groups to work with us to implement the principles of the plans above and to consult with all interested parties to establish the needs of the community.

    The process is now underway with meeting the individual groups.  We have had to move this process on-line due to the current Covid restrictions but we will be on site again as the restrictions allow.

    Galway City Council works closely with and supports local community groups to enhance and promote our natural environment. and on Conservation Volunteers Galway Facebook Page

    Download our How to Plant a Tree Guide