Housing/Home Improvement Grants

  • What types of Housing/Home Improvement Grants are available from Galway City Council?

    Depending on your situation, the following grants/financial aid may be available from Galway City Council to help you to improve your home.

    Link to main FAQs on each grant listed above.


  • I've already started works - Is it too late to apply for a Housing Grant from my Local Authority?

    Yes. In order to receive a grant works must not commence until you receive written approval from Galway City council to proceed with the works.


  • What documents should I submit as part of my application for a home improvement grant?


  • What types of evidence of income will be required for home improvement grants?

    • In the case of PAYE workers, please submit both of the following:P60 and P21 Balancing Statement for the previous tax year; (available from Revenue Commissioners at Tel.: 091 547700/1890 777 425, Address: Geata na Cathrach, Fairgreen, Galway)
    • In the case of self-employed or farmers, please submit both of the following: Income Tax Assessment form, together with a copy of accounts for the previous tax year.
    • In the case of social welfare recipients, please submit both of the following:a P60, a statement from Social Welfare stating weekly/annual payments and the date payment commenced and P21 Balancing Statement for the previous tax year.
    • In the case of state pensioners, please submit both of the following:a copy of the payment slip from An Post or a copy of bank statement showing details of payment and P21 Balancing Statement for the previous tax year.
    • In the case of earnings from private pensions, please submit both of the following: copies of payment slips or a copy of bank statements showing details of payments and P21 Balancing Statement for the previous tax year.
    • In the case of earnings from savings and investments, please submit both of the following: a certificate of interest or a dividend certificate and P21 Balancing Statement for the previous tax year.


  • Are any types of income disregarded when assessing a home improvement grant?

    In determining gross household income local authorities shall apply the following income disregards:

    • €5,000 for each member of the household aged up to age 18 years if in full time education;
    • €5,000 for each member of the household aged between 18 and 23 years and in full time education or engaged in a FAS apprenticeship;
    • €5,000 where the person with a disability for whom the application for grant aid is sought, is being cared for by a relative on a full-time basis;
    • Child Benefit;
    • Early Childcare Supplement;
    • Family Income Supplement;
    • Domiciliary Care Allowance;
    • Respite Care Grant;
    • Foster Care Allowance;
    • Fuel Allowance.
    • Carer's Benefit / Allowance (where the Carer's payment is made in respect of the persons for whom the application for grant aid is sought);


  • Do I need a Tax Clearance Certificate?

    Yes - if you are being paid a grant of €10,000 or more - a tax clearance certificate will be required. A tax clearance certificate can be obtained from your local tax office.

    Geata na Cathrach,

    Tel. 091 547700
    Email: galwayroscommon@revenue.ie


  • Who selects a contractor to carry out the works?

    It is up to the applicant to select a contractor - the contractor must be able to provide Tax Clearance Certificate and Insurance Details in order for the applicant to claim the grant. You do not have to use the contractor who submits the quotation for you.

    However, if you use an alternative contractor and the cost of the works is higher than the original quotation your grant will not be increased.
    If you use an alternative contractor and the cost of works is lower than the grant amount, you will be paid the lower amount.


  • I've been approved - how long do I have to carry out the works?

    Works should be completed within six months of the grant being approved - the final date will be put in the letter awarding the grant for your information. If for any reason, you cannot complete the works within this time, you should contact Galway City Council as early as possible.


  • The works are complete - when will I receive my grant?

    Once the works are complete you should forward the Invoice and a letter from the contractor stating that all works carried out comply with the Building Regulations to Galway City Council. A technician/engineer will call to inspect the works, and make a recommendation on payment. Your grant will be paid as soon as possible after that - however this is dependant on sufficient funds being available to pay the grant.


  • I've been paid a Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability or a Mobility Aids Grant - can I claim VAT back?

    Yes - if you contact your local tax office, you will be given a form to submit to the Revenue Commissioners. Vat is not reclaimable on Housing Aid for Older People Grants.


  • Is the grant prioritised on the basis of medical need?

    Special consideration is given to applicants who require essential repairs or improvement works as a matter or urgency, e.g. individuals in hospital who require the works to be completed in order to facilitate the continuance of their care in their own home or to facilitate their direct return home.

    There are 3 priority levels:

    • Priority 1 : A person who is terminally ill or fully/mainly dependent on family or carer; or where alterations/adaptations would facilitate discharge from hospital or alleviate the need for hospitalisation in the future.
    • Priority 2 : A person who is mobile but needs assistance washing, toilet facilities, bedroom etc; or where without the alterations/adaptations the disabled person's ability to function independently would be hindered.
    • Priority 3 : A person who is independent but requires special facilities to improve the quality of life, for example, separate bedroom or living space.

    An occupational therapist's (OT) assessment may be required, depending on the needs of the applicant.


  • I've been refused a Home Improvement Grant - can I appeal the decision?

    Yes - the following procedure shall apply to each appeal:

    • Applicants are invited to submit a written appeal on any decision notified to them by the local authority on their application within 3 weeks of the date of the decision;
    • The appeal must state the reasons for the appeal and the grounds for same;
    • Appeals will be considered and adjudicated on by the Director of Services of the Housing Section or an official designated by the Director for such purpose;
    • Appeals will be considered and adjudicated upon within 4 weeks of receipt of the appeal;
    • A decision on an appeal will be notified to each applicant within 2 weeks of the decision being made.


  • Does Galway City Council provide any grants in relation to the insulation of my home?

    No. However there are 2 other Grant Schemes, not administered by Galway City Council that may be able to assist with energy proofing your home:

    Warmer Homes Scheme:

    • For persons in receipt of a Pension from the Department of Social and Family Affairs or Disability Allowance;
    • Treating items such as Attic Insulation, Draught Proofing, Lagging Jackets, CFL Bulbs;

    Better Energy Homes Scheme:

    Grants may be available to eligible applicants for undertaking the following works:

    • Attic Insulation.
    • Wall Insulation - this includes cavity wall, internal dry lining or external insulation.
    • Installation of a High Efficiency (90%) Gas or Oil fired Boilers with Heating Controls Upgrade.
    • Heating Controls Upgrade.
    • Solar Heating.
    • Building Energy Rating (BER).

    For further information, please contact:

    Better Energy Homes Scheme,
    Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,
    PO Box 119, Cahirciveen,
    Co Kerry.

    Tel: 1850-927000


  • I have a query about housing/home improvement grants - who can I contact?

    You should contact the Housing Grants section of Galway City Council:

    Tel. 091-894371

    Email: Housing@galwaycity.ie