Housing Maintenance

  • I am a Galway City Council Housing Tenant, who should I contact in relation to the maintenance/repair of my home?

    The Housing Maintenance section of Galway City Council is responsible for many repairs but not all repairs.

    The Galway City Council Tenant Handbook provides a full list of maintenance works that are carried out by Galway City Council as well as the responsibilities of the tenant.

    If you have any queries about repairs and maintenance, you should contact the Maintenance Section at 091 536849 or email housing@galwaycity.ie

    All maintenance requests and complaints are categorised as:

    • Emergency:
      These are repairs carried out where there is a possible danger to human life. E.g. smoking fuse board, faulty socket, tiles falling off the roof.
    • Urgent:
      These are repairs carried out quickly to avoid damage to the house. E.g. leaking water pipe, no water in the tap, burst pipe
    • Routine:
      There are medium priority repairs. E.g. replace fire backs, faulty heating system
    • Cyclical:
      These are low priority works that are more efficiently dealt with during the cyclical maintenance programme every 5-7 years. E.g. leaking gutters, rotting fascia board.


  • What are the key responsibilities of Galway City Council Housing Tenants?

    • Fire:

      In the event of a fire you should call the emergency services immediately by phoning 999 or 112.

    • Gas:

      If you smell gas you should report the matter immediately to Gas Networks Ireland 1850 20 50 50

      It is a tenant's responsibility to replace or repair heat/smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

      See extract on Fire Safety in the home on Galway City Council Tenant Handbook - pages 22 - 27.

    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

      It is advisable to install a carbon monoxide detector. Detectors can be purchased in most D.I.Y. Stores.

    • Insurance:

      Galway City Council insures the structure of all rented houses.

      Tenants are strongly advised to obtain contents insurance.

    • Protecting Your Home:

      There are some simple steps a tenant can take to help improve the security in their home. See extracts from Galway City Council Tenant Handbook - page 28.

    • Vandalism to your home

      The tenant is responsible for the repair of any wilful or malicious damage. If the Council undertakes repairs resulting from such damages, the cost of such repairs will be charged to the tenant. The tenant is responsible for repairs to doors, windows, fixtures and fittings in the dwelling caused by destruction or damage by burglary, housebreaking, larceny or theft.

      If a break-in occurs to your property you should report the matter to the Gardaí.

    • Heating

      Galway City Council will carry out repairs and service to the heating system.

      Clearing air locks in a heating system is the responsibility of the tenant.

      Tenants should clean the chimney at least twice a year and the range once per week.

      * We enclose important notes relating to the operation of solid fuel ranges for your attention
      * Extract from Stanley solid fuel operating instructions manual.

      1. Ventilation / Mould / Dampness:

      Tenants must ensure that the property is adequately ventilated e.g. opening windows, turning on a fan.

      Air vents must be kept clear at all times. Blocking of vents is not permitted.

      Any mould growth spots should be washed off and the affected area sterilised. Mixing one part bleach with four parts water makes an effective steriliser.

      See page 36-38 of Galway City Council Tenant Handbook.

      2. Alterations:

      (a) No electrical, plumbing or structural alterations are permitted.

      The tenant will be charged for rectifying any such alterations.

      (b) Conversion of the heating system is not permitted.

      (c) Extensions or alterations are not permitted.

      3. Installation of Pre Pay Meters:

      Galway City Council do not permit or facilitate the installation of pre-pay meters for electric or gas supplies.

      4. Change of Heating System:

      The City Council have many requests to change the central heating system in their houses e.g. oil to solid fuel in some cases etc. There are advantages to all types of heating systems depending on location, type of house, circumstances and preferences of the tenants. However, it is not cost effective or economically sustainable for the council to accommodate these requests, and the policy is not to change heating systems.

      5. Emergencies:

      If an emergency should arise outside normal working hours, tenants can call (091) 536400 to report an emergency. The Galway City Council Out of Hours Emergency Service will arrange for the relevant staff to respond to the emergency. Situations will only be attended to where the required work cannot wait until the next working day. The Housing Department reserves the right to determine what constitutes an emergency that may be attended to outside of normal working hours.

      See Page 29 of Galway City Council Tenant Handbook

    • Repairs - Tenants Responsibilities

      For information about repairs and tenant's responsibilities please see pages 17 to 21 of Galway City Council Tenant Handbook

      Where it is the tenant's responsibility to undertake repairs, a qualified contractor must carry out the work. Where such a contractor carries out work in a council dwelling, the following details regarding the contractor must be sent to the Housing Maintenance Section with a brief description of the work carried out.

      (a) Name and Address of Contractor/Supplier

      (b) Tax Clearance Certificate

      (c) Insurance Details

      Housing Maintenance
      Galway City Council
      City Hall
      College Road
      Email: housing@galwaycity.ie


  • How should I request maintenance/repairs for my home?

    Request maintenance/repairs work for your home.

    Alternatively, contact Housing Maintenance as follows:

    Telephone 091-536849, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
    Email Housing@galwaycity.ie
    Housing Counter: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm, Monday to Friday at City Hall, College Road, Galway.