Love Your Beach Week 2021




Love your Beach Week 10th – 16th July 2021

Program of events:


Saturday 10th July

Ballyloughane Beach

Meeting Point: Lifeguard Hut

11 am: Litter clean up with Beach Buds Clean Coast group

11.45 am: Talk- ‘’Marine Plastics and Seabirds’’ Dr. Heidi Acampora, GMIT

Heidi Acampora is a Doctor of Aquatic ecology and a lecturer and researcher at GMIT. Her area of expertise is marine ecology and how plastics impact on it. She will give a fascinating talk on her research and her findings, especially relating to seabirds.



Sunday 11th July

Dead Man’s Beach

Meeting Point: Beach

11 am: Litter clean up with Curiocean Clean Coast group

11.45 am: Treasure Hunt game with Curiocean – (family fun!)

CuriOcean will be bringing up a fun whales and dolphins treasure hunt to dead man’s beach! The kids will understand the joys of photo-identification (identifying an individual dolphin or whale) while trying to match the right animal. The participants will also get to meet Pingu the Orca (a life-size fabric Orca) and to discover amazing facts about whales and dolphins. The CuriOcean team will be there to answer any questions you might have and to guide you through the game, we cannot wait to see you there!


Monday 12th July

Claddagh Beach

Meeting point: Claddagh Hall

5 pm: Litter clean up with Galway 2020 Wavemakers Clean Coast group

5.45 pm:  Workshop- ‘’Summer Birds of Galway Bay’’ with Tom Cuffe, Bird Watch Ireland

Tom is a Heritage in Schools facilitator, avid bird watcher and photographer and loves to communicate his passion to children and adults alike. Come and see what birds are currently making the Claddagh and Galway Bay their home and learn about the stoic Heron and their interesting nesting places further on along the coast.



Tuesday 13th July

Grattan Beach

Meeting Point: Lifeguard Hut

5pm: Litter clean up with Galway Atlantaquaria Clean Coast group

5.45 pm: Citizen Science workshop: “Mermaid’s Purses and native species in Galway Bay’’ Galway Atlantaquaria

Galway Atlantaquaria will talk about the wonder of mermaid’s purses and native species in the Bay. The talk will feature several biofacts from a host of species including starfish, shells and more. It will explore citizen science and how to record species with your phone.


Wednesday 14th July

Salthill Beach

Meeting Point- Kiosk at Ladies Beach

5pm: Litter clean up with the Eglington Hotel Direct Provision Clean Coast group

5pm: Flash Mob! With CuriOcean (family fun!)

Join us for this great fun activity! The CuriOcean team will be showing you a very quick and easy choreography that we will perform all together while beach cleaning, in order to raise awareness about marine conservation and pollution. You do not need to be a good dancer, the main purpose here is to just have fun :) The activity is for all ages so bring your best smile and grab a friend to join, we cannot wait to see you there!

5.45pm:  Talk on Biodiversity and sea defences- Galway Atlantaquaria

Our seashore is an ever-changing environment, with the tide, waves and storms impacting the shoreline and the animals and plants that live there. Join the aquarium staff as they explore who grows the largest and fastest on the shore, and how we can protect our shoreline for erosion. Get ready to get your hands dirty as we investigate is all sand the same and can plants help protect the shore from winter storms? 


 Thursday 15th July

Rusheen Beach

Meeting Point: Rusheen Bay Windsurfing School

5pm: Litter clean up with Knocknacara Tidy Towns Clean Coast group

5.45pm: Talk- ‘’From the River to the Sea’’ by Conor Ruane, LAWPRO

‘From the River to the Sea’ – Working with communities, a catchment approach. Conor Ruane, Community Water Officer working with the Local Authority Water Programme will give a brief overview of the life cycle of water and the challenges facing water quality today. Communities will also learn about how they can work together to help halt the decline in water quality in their catchment.


Friday 16th July 

Silverstrand Beach

Meeting Point: Life guard hut

5pm: Litter clean up with Bailte Slachtmara Bhearna Clean Coast Group

5.45pm: Beach Games- ‘’Marine plastics and habitats game’’ with Ray Foley, Clean Coasts Ireland

6.15pm: Talk-“Folklore and Biodiversity of Trá na gCeann” Gerry Hanberry

This talk will explore some of the factors that make Silver Strand and its environs so special. It will touch on the rich history and folklore connected to the locality. It will also mention the area’s great natural beauty – the cliffs where the Sand Martins nest, the wonderful woods that form a backdrop and the reason why Silver Strand ‘s more gruesome  ancient name is Trá na gCeann!