Long Term Leasing (LTL) Scheme - Tenants

  • What is Long Term Leasing (LTL)?

    Long Term Leasing (LTL) was introduced to cater for the accommodation needs of persons who have a long term housing need as determined by Galway City Council. Properties are leased from the private sector and used to accommodate households from the housing waiting list. Leased properties are allocated to tenants, in accordance with Galway City Council's allocations scheme. If a Social Housing applicant is allocated a property under this scheme their housing need will be deemed as met and their housing application will be closed


  • How do I apply for Long Term Leasing (LTL)?

    In order to qualify for LTL, applicants must be assessed by Galway City Council and have a long-term housing need. Long Term Leasing is a form of social housing; therefore applicants must complete and submit a Social Housing Application. Leased properties are allocated to tenants, in accordance with Galway City Council's allocations scheme


  • How does Long Term Leasing (LTL) operate?

    Long Term Leasing involves a three-way relationship between the Landlord, the Tenant and the Local Authority. The form of the Contract entered into will set out the general responsibilities of all three parties. Persons, who have been assessed by Galway City Council, are deemed to have a long term housing need and who are already renting accommodation may (with their landlord's agreement) apply to lease their existing accommodation under the Long Term Leasing Scheme.


  • How does Long Term Leasing benefit me as a tenant?

    A Long Term Lease (LTL)

    • Provides you with long-term housing security
    • Leads to improvements in the quality and standards of private rented accommodation
    • Rental payments are due to Galway City Council rather than the Landlord and can be facilitated by standing order or budget deduction from a social welfare payment.
    • Rents are calculated on the same basis as tenants of Galway City Council.


  • Do I have to pay a Deposit to my Landlord?

    You do not pay a deposit to your landlord under a long term leasing agreement. However, a non-refundable tenancy fee of €200.00 is payable to Galway City Council.


  • Will I have to move to new accommodation?

    Efforts will be made to sign contracts with your existing landlord unless the accommodation in which you live does not meet current rental standards and / or if your landlord will not engage in the scheme.

    If your accommodation is sub-standard and / or your landlord is not willing to engage with the scheme you will be advised to source alternative accommodation.


  • Can I refuse an offer of accommodation?

    An offer of accommodation is deemed to be a reasonable offer if the proposed accommodation is suitable to the housing needs of the applicant, and in the area of choice specified by them. If you are offered accommodation under the Long Term Leasing scheme, you can refuse it. However, if you refuse two offers of housing within a twelve-month period, the Community Welfare Officer will be notified and they may suspend your rent supplement (if applicable) and you will not be eligible for any further offers of accommodation for a period of at least one year.


  • Who should I contact if I have a maintenance issue with my property?

    Your landlord is responsible for routine maintenance and repair or replacement of equipment. As a tenant, you have a responsibility to maintain the property and to keep the property clean and in good order. Tenants must comply with the rules of the tenancy.


  • What should I do if my Landlord is not fulfilling his duties?

    If your Landlord is not complying with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, you should direct your complaints to the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB)


  • I am in a Long Term Lease in another county and I want to move to Galway City, how do I apply?

    Priority is given to persons already on Galway City Council's waiting list. While we do not offer a transfer facility, a person may apply for social housing in the normal manner and will be required to prove a connection to the city.


  • What happens if my Landlord serves me notice to leave the property (Long Term Leasing)?

    Should your Landlord decide to take the property off the scheme, Galway City Council will provide alternative accommodation as long as you have not contributed to your own eviction by breaching your tenancy obligations.



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