Martin Roundabout Junction Upgrade

  • Update on Martin Roundabout (February 2021)

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    Galway City Council would like to provide an update on progress of the Martin Roundabout junction upgrade. The objective of the scheme is to:

    • Provide an enhanced and safer pedestrian and cycling friendly environment, connecting Roscam and Doughiska to Galway Clinic and Ardaun;
    • Support the future development of the Ardaun Local Area Plan area;
    • Provide enhanced public transport facilities at the junction.

    What’s happened so far Funding to progress the project as Phase 1 of the Ardaun Transport Upgrade was secured from the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund and the National Transport Authority in November 2018. The preliminary design stage began in 2019. In July 2019 Galway City Council initiated a public consultation process inviting the public to make submissions in respect of the proposed upgrade. In response to these submissions the preliminary design was amended where appropriate.

    Next Steps

    Martin Junction is now at detailed design stage with construction programmed to start later this year. Residents will be notified through local media and on when construction will commence.

  • Figure 01 - Location Map
    Martin Roundabout is located on the eastern outskirts of Galway City at the intersection of regional roads R446 (Old N67) dual carriageway and Old Dublin Road. It is bounded by the Roscam (to the south), Doughiska (to the north-east) and Arduan (to the north) residential areas. Arduan, represented by the hatching above, has been designated as a Major Urban Housing Delivery Site under Rebuilding Ireland – an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness. The proposed upgrade of existing Martin Roundabout is part of Phase 1 of the Ardaun Transport Upgrade, necessary to support the future development of this area.

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