Mobility Dashboard

The Galway City ‘Mobility Dashboard’ is an online resource showing trends in travel patterns in Galway City, including real-time journey times; the number of cars moving through the city on a given day, and travel alerts.

The Galway City Mobility dashboard has a number of tools and tabs to visualise information about travel in Galway City, and will be of interest to both the public, and Consultants delivering transport, housing or other capital projects in the City. The Dashboard can be accessed through

The Galway City Mobility Dashboard shows data from a number of sources including the annual Galway City traffic surveys; Census commuting data; travel time data; and permanent traffic counters. Data from a number of traffic sensors across the city will be added in the coming months. The dashboard is currently at a ‘beta’ stage (May 2021), meaning that it is undergoing testing as new data sources and tools are added.

Feedback on the dashboard is welcome through

The Galway City Mobility dashboard is funded through the National Transport Authority Stimulus grants 2020 and was developed by Idaso Ltd.
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