Galway City Council Mobility Team

  • About

    In March 2020, life as we knew it changed literally overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives, specifically the way in which we now work, socialise and interact with each other. It has had an enormous impact on our transport system, leading to radically reduced travel levels and will continue to alter our patterns of movement for some time to come.

    Going forward, the government has outlined a roadmap for a phased reduction of restrictions over a number of phases, commencing on the 18th May. As the restrictions are eased in the five phase government recovery roadmap, and workplaces, school and shops prepare to re-open, the numbers of people accessing our city will inevitably start to increase again in a way that is different from before and this must be addressed in the context of social distancing requirements which are likely to remain in place for some time.

    To facilitate these new patterns of travel and social distancing requirements, some reallocation of road, footpath and amenity space will need to be introduced in certain areas within the city to better achieve the optimal space requirements. Businesses requiring additional external space to facilitate their reopening will equally need support.

    To address these challenges and meet the needs of all stakeholders in a fair, integrated and co-ordinated way, Galway City Council has established a City Mobility Team that will operate under a dynamic and evolving temporary Galway City Council Temporary Mobility Plan.


  • What is the role of the Galway City Council Mobility Team?

    The role of the Galway City Council Mobility Team to consider and agree short/medium term practical mobility interventions in the city having listened to and proactively consulted with all stakeholders that will support the city with its phased reopening for society and business, over the coming months.

    The CMT will consider and respond to all stakeholder requests for the allocation/re-allocation of road and other public spaces to facilitate social distancing requirements associated with COVID-19 restrictions.


  • How can I get involved?

    If you would like to submit a request to the Galway City Council Mobility Team to support social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, please fill in details of your request on this page .

    Please note this information will be made publicly available on a map on Please do not include any personal details, names or profanities in your submission.


  • What happens next?

    All requests will be populated on a map of the city, so you can see requests submitted for your area of interest.

    All requests will be carefully reviewed by the CMT, to identify which initiatives can be progressed safely. Galway City Council will update the status of requests, as they are reviewed by the CMT.