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Do you own a Vacant Property?

Do you own a Vacant Property?

Do you want to unlock your vacant property’s potential, but are unsure about the options open to you?

There are a number of options available to you, aimed at reintroducing vacant dwellings into the usable housing stock, including:

  • Repair and Lease Scheme
  • Buy and Renew Scheme
  • Long Term Leasing

Benefits of bringing Vacant Properties Back into Use

  • Increased rental income
  • Increase the capital value of the property
  • Long term investment potential of a properly maintained dwelling
  • Increase sales potential
  • Property secured from vandalism /anti-social behaviour
  • Make a difference by providing much needed housing in your community

 Further information on the above and other options available to you can be obtained from Galway City Council Vacant Homes Officer.

 Email: or

 Telephone 091 536 572 or 091 894371

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