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Plan for Galway’s Clean Up Weekend 26th to 28th April 2019

Plan for Galway’s Clean Up Weekend 26th to 28th April 2019

1. Members of the public should register for the event with customer services prior to event. Phone (091) 536400 to register and you can pick up bags, litter pickers and gloves at City Hall.

2. Galway City Council  will provide a supervised skip on 27th & 28th at  four  locations throughout the city as follows:

a.      Westside Community Centre,

b.      Leisureland,

c.      Ballybane Resource Centre,

d.      South Park (City Centre)

The skip will be placed on site at 9 am approx. and removed at 15.30 pm each day for disposal.

3. Galway City Council Staff will be in attendance to assist and supervise each location for the period (to prevent illegal dumping). They will also have a stock of bags, gloves, pickers on the day and the location will act as ‘’base camp’’ for the event in each area.

4. Galway City Council will also provide two road sweepers (until 13.30pm) and two pickups (from 13.00 until 17.00) roaming to collect surplus material as part of clean-up.

5. Residents will also be able to register on the day at any one of the four locations listed above of clean up area and where the material will be left for Galway City Council collection.

6. All businesses/private owners are also requested to tidy up one metre in front of their own premises and to remove graffiti.

7. Anyone who wishes to participate in the clean up please register on Galway City Council Website and enter your before and after photos for your chance to take part in a free draw.

8. Remember your own personal health and safety. Wear your high visibility vest, beware of sharps, watch out for noxious weeds and broken glass and comply with the normal rules of the road.

9. This clean up is for litter only it is not for domestic waste or goods of any kind. This is not a household clear out. Clear bags only will be accepted.

10. While this Spring clean is taking place this weekend, it is part of a bigger initiative to clean up Galway for 2019. Everyone is asked to very conscious of how they dispose of litter and using bins in Galway City to help make Galway Irelands Best Kept Town throughout the year.