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Keep Galway City Clean – COVID-19 Times

Keep Galway City Clean – COVID-19 Times

Keeping our City tidy and free of litter, in the interests of our public health and safety, has never been as important as in the current climate.

The COVID-19 guidelines requested everybody to confine their exercise routine within a 2km distance of their home, so the daily walk or run is the highlight of many people’s day. To make it an enjoyable event, it is important that our streets or favourite walking routes are not strewn with litter. Unfortunately, there is a small minority who still throw rubbish around and are now discarding plastic gloves or empty plastic sanitiser bottles. To help us in our endeavour to keep our areas litter free, we ask you to dispose of any such items in your rubbish bin at home or at the nearest street bin.

Dumping of waste is a blight on our environment and in recent days, we have encountered increased illegal dumping within the city boundaries. This poses a threat to our water quality and public health. We know that some households are doing some spring cleaning, and we urge you to use the services of local authorised waste collectors who continue to provide collection and skip services, or store your old furniture and waste until this crisis is over.

Do not use ‘Man in the Van’ type services to dispose of your waste without checking that they have a valid Waste Collection permit. Otherwise, your old furniture may end up in a public park or beach, and you may be prosecuted.

Members of the public are asked to be vigilant of any illegal dumping activity in their area and to report illegal dumping or illegal operators to

Galway City Council will restore the Bulky Goods Collection Service and have a bulky goods Collection day before the end of 2020 (after the restrictions are lifted), similar to 2019.

We wish to remind dog owners of their moral duty and legal responsibility to clean up after their dog. Dog litter is a health hazard and ruins the environment for everyone. Pick up after your dog or face a fine of €150.

Galway City Council have additional wardens on the street and the Gardaí are also providing support with their regular patrols. Galway City Council wish to advise that you are liable to prosecution if your waste is illegally dumped, even if you gave it to another person to dispose of it. Cars engaged in these activities are being recorded and owners are liable to prosecution.

A person found guilty of an offence shall be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding €1,904.60.

Galway City Council is very proud of the improvements that Galway City has achieved in regard to the fight against litter. Everyone’s support is needed now more than ever.

For further information of authorised waste collectors in your area, contact .