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Galway City Council has lots to offer as part of ‘In This Together’ campaign

Galway City Council has lots to offer as part of ‘In This Together’ campaign

Galway City Council, and its partners on the Community Response Forum, is offering a range of activities and resources as part of a new “In This Together” initiative, launched by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Friday (April 24).

The campaign aims to help everyone in Ireland to Stay Connected, Stay Active, and look after their Mental Health throughout the Covid-19 Emergency.

The Campaign encourages everyone to set a new daily activity which helps them to feel a little healthier or a little happier as we deal with Covid-19. It signposts useful advice to help people of every age group to cope with the ongoing restrictions, whether they are looking after children, dealing with self-isolation, preparing for the Leaving Cert, or coping with cabin fever.

‘In This Together’ draws together a huge range of activities that you can pursue in your home or your locality, by yourself or with family members or with friends online. There are ideas and activities for people of all ages. Highlights include:

• The Healthy Galway City website  is an information hub, signposting to reliable sources of health and wellbeing information, local programmes and events for Galway City.
• Galway City Council has a dedicated page on its website  to highlight and share resources to support the mind and body during the COVID-19 restrictions.
• To promote daily physical activity at home among older adults who are currently cocooning, an Exercise Leaflet developed by HSE Physio Services is being distributed in Galway City.

Galway City Council through its website and its social media will be letting people know all about them in the coming days and weeks.